Did Halo delay Hulkenberg's escape after Abu Dhabi crash?

Sunday, 25 november 2018, 14:16 , by Matthew Scott

FIA race director Charlie Whiting has confirmed that Nico Hulkenberg's wait to escape his Renault after it was flipped upside down in a lap-one crash at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was not exacerbated by the presence of the Halo device.

Hulkenberg clipped wheels with Romain Grosjean and was sent flipping through the air, before coming to a rest top-down against the barriers.

The German was clearly concerned as a small fire emerged at the rear of the car, radioing Renault to say: "Get me out."

Asked if there had been a delay in getting Hulkenberg out of his car, Whiting said: "Not at all. We knew he was okay. There's nothing to worry about there.

"The routine under those circumstances is to put the car back on its wheels. Once the car was back on its wheels, which has to be done carefully of course, he was able to get out by himself.

"It was very controlled from what I could see. Our medical delegate was more than happy with the way it was done. It all worked exactly as it should."

Hulkenberg has been a staunch critic of the Halo since its introduction to F1, but was not in a position to criticise the device after Sunday's incident.

"I don't know to be honest at the point if the Halo blocked me or not," he said. "On the right I had the barrier anyway and there was a very small gap.

"Also when you are upside down it is not so easy to find all the buttons and all the things because everything feels very different.

"It was not the most comfortable situation to be in. There was also a little barbeque at the back so I just wanted to get out but you feel pretty helpless in that situation but the marshals did a good job."

VIDEO: Hulkenberg flipped upside down in horror crash!
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Comments (19)

  • Gary Seal
    So comments are mixed, thats because of the accident in question. Personally i look at it this way: point 1- halo restricts the access out for sure but upside down would be a struggle anyway as drivers legs have little movement let alone in this position. Point 2- if the car had landed on a twist his head would have been the contact point!! im sure not a fan of the halo but it is proving itself across all formulas using it. RACING IS DANGEROUS! LETS NOT FORGET EVERYTHING IS ATTEMPTING TO HELP SAFETY TO ALL
  • Chris Diaz
    Stop with the insanity. The halo didn’t stop anyone from getting out. He was suspended upside down and didn’t want to “fall” out of the car by undoing his belts. The halo and crash structure did its job so well, Hulk was able to walk away, waving off medical professionals.
  • Tom Oldridge
    I admit theres a few things to be made better but for god sack we have already seen this year how good the bloody thing is at saving your head and this is one of them. The halo took the impact not his .
  • Michael Haskey
    Yes he was very lucky there was not a big fire. Full fuel tank is protected but there's always a chance it could be compromised. And Marshals need to be careful when turning car correct way up.
  • Karl Davy
    it stopped him from getting out but there are other systems inplace that have greatly reduced the risk of fire ... he was in a small amount of danger yesterday that was no bigger than simply getting in the car
  • Marc Walpole
    The halo played no roll in this accident, even when the car was upside down the halo didn’t make contact with the ground! But the main thins is that the driver walked away.
  • Neil Watson
    I've been saying it since they dreamt halo up that it will see the return of drivers burning to death in cars.
  • Troels A. Dalgaard
    What about asking someone who actually knows something about it, I don't Know...A F1 driver maybe....
  • Alex Wood
    Said this as soon as I seen it. How will drivers get out when it's upside down. And even worse on fire
  • Ian Bell
    Not a fan of the halo but did it not prevent a serious injury to leclare early in the season?
  • Scott Spieler
    Absolutely!!! I think it’s time to admit that the FIA rushed into this.
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Halo could turn into a trap in case of fire upside down...
  • Sean Karen Kennedy
    100 percent stop him getting out
  • Alex Wood
    It's a disaster waiting to happen
  • Joel Tirado Hernandez
    tHe hAlO sAvE hIS LiVE!!!!!111111
  • Gary Hilliard
    Yes. NEXT!
  • Matt Boutell
    Scrap it

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