VIDEO: Hamilton goes topless on Abu Dhabi podium!

Sunday, 25 november 2018, 10:19 , by Matthew Scott

It gets hot and steamy in a Formula 1 cockpit at the best of times, never mind when you're racing in the desert! So can you really blame Lewis Hamilton for stripping down to celebrate his victory at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after another long hard, title-winning, battle in 2018?

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Comments (18)

  • Vaughn Spencer
    No one noticed what he was pointing to?? A stylized cross (reminiscent of a crusader cross)? If you think it was about him being hot, you're wrong. He was clearly trying to send a message, considering where he was.
  • John Barrett
    Pointing to a tattoo on his back....a Crusader Cross (Christian). An anti-muslim statement in a country whose population is 80 percent Muslim.
  • Justin Maddock
    When you are so vain then you don't see what's wrong with doing it. The guy does hair straight after taking his helmet off
  • Dawn Elizabeth-Hope Boyd
    You know he is pointing to the text at the top of the tattoo right? Not the cross?
  • Bryan Falcon
    Where’s his penalty? in football, the dudes all get yellow cards for it
  • Dave Freeman
    He's a self absorbed egomaniac but pretty good at his craft
  • Tomáš Kravec
    amazing lewis you are number one !
  • Grant Broom
    Sure you want to be doing that in Abu Dhabi??
  • Peter Obrien
    Chris Allen
  • Floryn Diaconu
    Nicki minaj will be thrilled
  • Carlos Proaño
    Jonathan Díaz vaya tipejo

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