Hartley takes aim at Gasly again over Brazil row

Thursday, 22 november 2018, 13:38 , by Matthew Scott

Brendon Hartley took aim once again at Pierre Gasly, as he arrived in Abu Dhabi still seething over the Frenchman's refusal to adhere to Toro Rosso's team orders in the previous race in Brazil. Hartley finished 11th at Interlagos, having lost time while running behind his teammate.

Hartley caught Gasly while the Frenchman was trying to eke life out of his tyres and was told his teammate would allow him to pass.

However, Gasly was not compliant and said that Hartley would have to earn the spot as they were not racing in the points.

With Gasly set to move to Red Bull in 2019 and Hartley looking increasingly like dropping off the F1 grid, the Kiwi pointed out how much he has done to help his colleague climb the ladder in 2018.

"It was a nice speech Pierre did about team orders to the media, but he didn't give the same one when I let him past many times, also for position, or sometimes compromised my race to help him or the team secure points," Hartley said.

"In the end I was told - a long way before I caught him - that he'd let me through when I got there. And I was told each lap he was going to let me by in Turn 4.

"I did a better job managing tyres, fuel, and had better race pace than him in the race, so the team saw that I had the best chance to score points, if somebody had an issue ahead, which didn't happen."

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