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Kubica certain injuries won't affect F1 comeback

Kubica certain injuries won't affect F1 comeback



Kubica certain injuries won't affect F1 comeback

Kubica certain injuries won't affect F1 comeback

Robert Kubica believes that his incredible return from a career-threatening injury suffered seven years ago back to Formula 1 shows that "nothing is impossible" but did admit it is normal that people would question his ability to perform competitively such as his disadvantage.

Kubica's promising F1 career was halted when he lost part of his forearm in a rally car accident, with over a dozen surgeries required to save and eventually repair his limb.

The Pole has been working tirelessly to make a return, and on Thursday morning it was confirmed he would be racing for Williams in 2019. He thinks he has achieved the impossible in coming back, but recognises his doubters as he still lacks certain power and mobility in his arm.

“It’s a story which probably nobody has believed,” Kubica said ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“The only one who probably never gave up was myself and the people around me, I’d like to thank them. But we all knew it might be something un-achievable.

“This day shows that somehow, nothing is impossible.”

“From a driving point of view the point is very simple. You just need to wait two months and you will see. I think if I was not able to drive competitive enough I would not be here.

"It's normal for people to see my limitations and [ask] how it’s possible I can do it.”

Kubica believes the key to his return was being able to become "natural" behind the wheel again so that he can be comfortable in a race situation.

“In order to drive at the top level you have to drive as naturally as possible. It has to come from no thinking, just driving," he continued.

“The turning point was last year when after a few tests in F1 I realised I’ve actually started driving naturally. Then of course I had to adapt my driving more of a technical point of view because the cars had changed a lot. But this I’m happy with what I did this year. And that’s it. There is nothing more to add.”

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