VIDEO: Macau Grand Prix stopped after horror Sophia Floersch crash

Sunday, 18 november 2018, 04:43 , by Martin Macdonald

Formula 3's Macau Grand Prix was red flagged this morning following a horror crash from 17-year-old driver, Sophia Floersch, which saw the German's car become airborne before crashing over the trackside barrier and into a photographer gallery, with the race resuming after a safety inspection.

After the opening turn, various cars were involved in collisions which resulted in a safety car period. The race was swiftly resumed, only to be halted again after Floersch struck the car of Sho Tsuboi at the Lisboa Bend which sent her terrifyingly off the track into the air.

News of Floersch's health started filtering through following the accident, and thankfully it has been reported the driver was conscious as she was taken to hospital, along with Tsuboi and a handful of onlookers who were also involved in the melee.

Dan Ticktum led the race before the incident following his acquisition of pole position, with action resuming in Macau just over an hour after a safety inspection.

Subsequent reports released show that Floersch suffered a fractured spine during the incident.

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  • Peter Carey
    From Autosport One marshal, Chan Cha In, suffered a laceration of the face, abrasion of his upper abdomen wall and a fractured jaws. Photographer Chan Weng Wang was diagnosed with a liver laceration and is being observed in hospital, and fellow photographer Minami Hiroyuki suffered concussion and will also be observed. Ferrari junior Guan Yu Zhou, who was following Florsch at the time of the accident, explained that it was due to yellow caution lights flashing on the straight. The incident happened just after a restart following an early safety car.
  • Dermot Walsh
    Having seen the video, how did she end up crashing going backwards. Very lucky for her to have that photo stand to stop her otherwise the outcome would have been very different with the speed she was traveling at. It reminded me of the Le Mans crash in 1955.
  • Zain Khan
    Tony Gonsalves remember we were discussing and you said yeah they can but every time this happens when girls who race ??? From the crash it looks either she forgot there’s a right hander there or she missed the braking point completely
  • Marco Fernandes
    I don't get it guys... How she came at that speed when the others was like 70kph... The brakes must have failed or the acellarator pedal got stuck... Cuz I mean nobody on that speed misses the braking point! I hope she is alright
  • Matt Walker
    She has tweeted saying she’s fine. Reports saying she’s suffered a fractured vertebrae and having an operation on Monday. The main thing is that she’s alive along with another driver, 2 photographers and a Marshall.
  • Thomas Boye
    I didn't expect to see a car airborne like that when I clicked the vid, hopefully she recovers from that fatal crash and no one else got hurt there :/ that did seriously not look good at all tbh
  • Mandy Simmons
    Glad that all have survived after an horrific crash, Wishing Sophia a successful spinal operation. Also hoping that the other driver and Marshall's and the camera man recover well from their injuries
  • Richard Tongue
    I know there is a long standing joke women drivers etc but Something went very wrong here you can see that just from the speed she entered that corner at can’t be driver error
  • Chris Ellis
    The speed her car was moving that must have happened before braking. Maybe her brakes failed totally and then you're just a passenger. Hope everyone cones out ok.
  • Rob Sefton
    Looking at the footage it looks like the crash happened much earlier as she seems to be travelling backwards therefore a passenger and not able to take avoiding action.
  • Allyn Lane
    I hope the she is alright but how has no one noticed that the car ends up landing on a guy that was knocked out from when she first hit the fence!!!!
  • Michael Masbate
    i think by the way she flew that high and she was fast, the aerodynamics of the car has problems..its not about her driving, i think..
  • Daniel Di Martino
    Matthew Di Martino, Pauline Boffo, Ben Boffo, Chris Boffo, Damon Boffo, check this out. Horrific crash.
  • Nikos Nikokavouras
    Come on guys, stop with the “women driving jokes” .... this is serious!
  • Fredrik Nylander
    Honestly, so sad to see everyone reacting by taking their phones out..
  • Marjorie Brassart
    Seriously guys? Women driving jokes?? Grow up! I just hope she ok
  • Jamar Kelly
    Praying she's OK. The race community can't lose anyone else this week
  • Ludwig Achrenius
    Jakob Nylander kolla videon. Vi på F1 första sväng varje gång!!! Hahahaha sjukaste
  • Richard Farrand
    Omg never seen car go off like that hope she gets well and race again x
  • James Agar
    Best wishes and hope she makes a full recovery and see her racing again soon.

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