VIDEO: Alonso's season summed up in 52 seconds

Friday, 16 november 2018, 11:39 , by Matthew Scott

You can often tell quite a lot from a drivers' radio messages during a grand prix – Fernando Alonso certainly fits into that category. A 2018 season that begun with such promise has unravelled rapidly and left the Spaniard fed up with F1 so much that he will quit at the end of the year. From Australia to Brazil, his season can be summed up neatly by two calls over team radio.

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  • Curtis Marcaletti
    A driver of such supreme talent. He can drive the wheels off anything. I know it is not F1, but I would love to see him get his elbows out in a full time Indy Car ride.
  • Leigh Kevin Booth
    How the hell did mclaren become so shit ? Honda ? Is the same going to happen to red bull next season
  • Pranay Dawne
    Poor Alonso

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