OOPS: Hamilton thanks Brazilian fans... in Spanish

Monday, 12 november 2018, 06:22 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton is never shy in sharing the glory of his many race wins with his fans – and it was no different in Brazil. After emerging through the chaos of Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon's crash to win at Interlagos, Hamilton had a special message for the home fans in Sao Paulo, there's just one thing… they speak Portuguese in Brazil!

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Comments (29)

  • Jamie Paget
    Any fast fans know it's Portuguese in Brazil. What a dope, and a moaner too. He pretty much spent the whole race whining into his radio.
  • Steven Miller
    Most countries South of the U.S. border speak Spanish, Brazil is one of the few that doesn't. They're both very similar dialects as well.
  • Chaitanya Bhat
    Don't pick on everything he does. Fair play to him for the post. Not a fan, but this is at least ok.
  • Claus Jørgensen
    cool hes going to have a Brazilian nice well I guess different strokes for different falks who am I to judge
  • Kais Opeth
    Your silly opinions doesn't matter.. He still 5 times world champion.. The nice thoughts count tho
  • Vladimir Levakov
    He is so stupid, that's why people think he is American.
  • Silver Hawk
    Hey Vettel would have done it on Italian, so.....
  • Teo Mertiri
    Long live the Google translate
  • Selim Smith
    Linda what is he doing? Too much party?
  • Jonattan Chuquimia
    Obrigado... pendejo. :P
  • Jonathan Díaz
    Carlos Proaño ???
  • Ungern von Sternberg
    Babaca pinto
  • Alween Lopez
    Huele Bicho
  • Wendy Jenkins
    Love it. ..knob! !!!!
  • Christian Andersen Jensen
    Søren Bech
  • Pier Pecchioli
    Typical lewis... Fake snake
  • Tony Pryce
    Keith O'Connor
  • George Englehart
    Clay Woodland Englehart
  • Sunesh Ramsunder
    Mishka Juggath
  • Tony Beaumont

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