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Verstappen: Ocon is a pussy!

Verstappen: Ocon is a pussy!



Verstappen: Ocon is a pussy!

Verstappen: Ocon is a pussy!

Max Verstappen branded Esteban Ocon a "pussy" and an "idiot" after a collision with the Force India man denied the Dutchman victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Attempting to unlap himself, Ocon only served to pitch both into a spin, with Verstappen losing the lead of the race as a result.

Verstappen flashed a middle finger to Ocon and went one further after the race, physically confronting the Frenchman and shoving him multiple times in the weighing room.

Although Force India backed their man, it seemed clear that Ocon was in the wrong, with stewards handing down a 10-second penalty.

And Verstappen was in no mood to calm the tension after the race, laying into Ocon in his many media commitments.

"We had a great car," he said under the podium. "Then, by such an idiot, to get taken out while he is being lapped. I have no words."

He added in the press conference: "If the stewards give him a penalty than I think we know who's wrong. So many backmarkers try to race you. It was a stupid risk.

"What can I do about it? I lost a victory but hopefully in 15 years' time we can laugh about it."

Asked to comment further on the incident, Verstappen said: "I have nothing else to say other than he was being a pussy."

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