Vettel penalty decided by FIA after weighbridge incident

Saturday, 10 november 2018, 15:26 , by Matthew Scott

Sebastian Vettel will keep hold of his second-place effort in qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix after he was handed a reprimand for destroying the FIA weighbridge during Saturday's action. Vettel was frustrated by the decision to call him in to be weighed during a frantic Q2 and broke the equipment by driving away.

Vettel was fined €25,000 after breaking the weighing scale, although it had been suggested that he could be given a grid penalty, or even disqualified from qualifying altogether.

He qualified second behind Lewis Hamilton at Interlagos but both drivers' positions were uncertain at the line – Hamilton for blocking Kimi Raikkonen and Sergey Sirotkin and the Ferrari man for his bizarre incident, although both appear to have escaped without serious sanction.

Stewards were not quite ready to weigh Vettel, who was in a rush to get soft tyres on and set a time before rain arrived in Q2.

Against regulations, Vettel drove onto the scales and then drove away – drivers are supposed to be rolled into and out of position with engines switched off.

Vettel gesticulated and shouted in German while the officials dithered somewhat, but it was revealed in the stewards' report that he had turned the engine off after knocking over a cone and edging towards one of the officials at the weighbridge.

Maintaining second place on the grid will give Vettel confidence of winning in Sao Paulo for a second year on the bounce.

Vettel set his Q2 time on soft tyres, with Hamilton using supersofts, giving the Ferrari man an advantage on the opening stints in Sunday's race.

VIDEO: Vettel destroys FIA weighbridge!
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  • Silver Hawk
    How does Vettel's weighbridge incident have anything to do with Lewis' incident Two separate and totally unrelated incidents. The mentality here is that Vettel should only be penalized or not depending on whether or not Lewis was penalized?! This isn't about Lewis..... Let me put it to you this way..... If that incident with Lewis hadn't even occurred..... How would you then feel? Alright? Now reorganize your thoughts and arguments and.....go!
  • Grant Cafferty
    The FIA f*d up, it wasn't fair to pick out a driver to have them take their sweet a** time when there's 4 min until rain. They need to be more careful about how they ask for weighing when weather is involved. The FIA should man up.
  • Tyler T
    "Sebastian Vettel will keep hold of his second-place effort in qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix after he was handed a reprimand for destroying the FIA weighbridge during Saturday's action." #StopClickBait
  • Marco Vinicio
    So Hamilton sends another driver off track, then blocks Raikkonen from another Q lap and walks free of penalty. Fuck the FIA, fuck the FIA and Mercedes.
  • Mauricio Baez
    Tell FIA that Hamilton has already won the title and they can investigate him at least once!! But people say that Ferrari is protected.
  • Renis Kasemaj
    What about hamilton's incident? of course he is not even on investigation Fia is such a shame
  • Rab Ferrier
    Evening it out since they never penalised Hamilton for almost causing a huge crash
  • Michael Haskey
    So what penalty will the FIA give the stewards for not following the correct procedure.
  • Ashley Hayward
    Yet Danny Ric gets sanctioned for the actions of a steward... What a load of rubbish.
  • Alween Lopez
    Repri..what??? The fuck For a F1 mistake Awesome.
  • Aaron Noone
    25k for second place Im sure Ferrari wont mind that
  • Troy Brudenell
    Kristian Finn he should have been disqualified.
  • Paul Irishpaul Temple
    Ferrari protected once again.
  • Darren Hutslar
    John Hutslar

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