VIDEO: A virtual lap of the Vietnam GP

Thursday, 08 november 2018, 07:03 , by Matthew Scott

The Vietnam Grand Prix has caused a huge buzz in Formula 1, whether for good or bad. Whatever your view, you can't deny that you want to take a look at the track that will wind its way through the streets of Hanoi!

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Comments (35)

  • Jappie Reiss
    Boring track
  • Tracy Ann Martin
    Look like the Russian gp
  • Tom Pascall
    Antony Stewart
  • Chris Matthews
    Another cure for insomnia.
  • Mohammed Faizan
    Rahul Kale Nuaman Wt
  • Craig Mcdevitt
    Was that gp4?
  • Patrick Slaney
    Nice straight
  • Wojtek Szaba?a
    What a shit
  • Alween Lopez
    Bitch please
  • Lee Elder
  • Damian Wabnitz
    Dawid Mateusz
  • Darren Harold
    James Baldwin
  • Daniel Chavez
    Angelo Blanco
  • Ryan Campbell
    Matthew Tabone ?

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