When does the 2019 F1 season start?

Thursday, 29 november 2018, 03:00 , by Matthew Scott

Formula 1 has confirmed an official and unchanged 21-race calendar for the 2019 season. The 2019 calendar matches that of 2018 after the German Grand Prix was rescued. Next year will also feature a host of tweaks to regulations for next season, in response to incidents from the 2018 campaign.

 The 2019 season will run from March to December, with Liberty maintaining a record level of races next year - with plans afoot to expand the calendar further.

The German Grand Prix's future had been in serious doubt in recent years, with the Nurburgring dropping off the calendar due to financial constraints, which had also affected the Hockenheimring.

However, Mercedes-Benz have stepped in to help finance the race, which was well-attended this year as Sebastian Vettel challenged Mercedes for dominance of F1 in 2018.

Three changes to the sporting regulations are also confirmed, including a tweak to rules allowing cars to overtake the safety car before a restart and changes to rear lights on on-board cameras.

Teams will be "responsible for initial scrutineering of their cars" - perhaps a response to Haas submitting cars they knew flouted the rules in Italy, earning Romain Grosjean a disqualification.

The slightly farcical end to the Canadian Grand Prix – in which Lewis Hamilton's supermodel friend Winnie Harlow dropped the chequered flag too early, costing Daniel RIcciardo the race's fastest lap – won't be replicated as an FIA-controlled light will now deem the race to be over, although the flag will still be flown for ceremonial purposes.

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  • Ashley Hayward
    Or just don't let completely irrelevant C-list 'celebrities' near the flag. Leave it to someone with at least a mild understanding of motorsport.
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    So does the chequered panel follow the winner around or change immediately for whole circuit to confuse all other competators?
  • Barbara Gouin
    Should ban team order then drivers like Bottas may be able to win a grand prix
  • Lorna Hume
    Adam Hume what race you want to go to?
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    What is “ASN Aporoval”?
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    Overtaking the safety car ?
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    Make it Ferrari Red

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