W Series calendar confirmed

Friday, 12 october 2018, 08:53 , by Matthew Scott

The race dates of the inaugural W Series have been confirmed, with the all-female series set to serve as a support category to Germany's touring car championship, the DTM. The series has been established in an attempt to help women into F1 and will debut at a grand prix venue in Hockenheim.

Established by a group of F1 veterans led by 13-time grand prix winner David Coulthard, the W Series will offer a $1.5million prize pot to 18-20 women racers in 2019.

The stated aim of the category is to prove that female drivers are as capable of competing at the highest level as men, while also providing crucial funding to get into F1's costly junior formulae.

The European F3 Championship has run as a support act to DTM in recent years, with the likes of Lando Norris, Lance Stroll and Esteban Ocon making it to F1 – it will be hoped that appearing in front of the DTM's crowd will give the W Series similar exposure.

"Invigorating and extending our motor-racing support programme for 2019 represented the top priority on our to-do list," said DTM parent company ITR's Managing Director Achim Kostron.

"We are really delighted with having the possibility to welcome the innovative and professional W Series at DTM. The fact that the organisers of the W Series chose the DTM as platform for their great project speaks for itself."

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Comments (21)

  • Emmanuel Alden
    I'm all for mixed gender races- but this type of series is a setback, not a push forward. Encourage them to enter into racing, period; but make it competitive. Otherwise you'll be right where (as someone below mentioned while making an entirely different point) the Olympics are- separate competitions for each gender leading to differing standards between them
  • Alan Gray
    don't know I really don't see having women only races makes 1 - good tv racing ,2 - where does the experience to move to a mixed F1 race with Vettel or Verstappen having crash bash wheel to wheel racing - will they pull over or say feck you boy's and then crash ?? I would say get them mixed racing straight off and see the results first
  • M├írio Vieira
    I don't see why everyone is against this. It makes total sense. Every single olympic modality is separated in genders. There is female soccer, basketball, etc. Why not a female formula? I think it will be quite interesting and can't wait to watch it.
  • Janis Ma?uda
    Ok, jokes aside. This idea is a complete bullshit, the only result of this will be a bunch of feminists pushing women to F1 even if they aren't on same level. They should compete in F2 or F3 series like all the young racers and deserve their seat
  • Richard Baran Leach
    I'd love to see someone like Sabine Smidt going wheel to wheel with everyone, but apparently women are not good enough to be in F1 with the boys? gimme a fucking break
  • Andrei Cocosatu
    good, biches don't have enough talent to race in the big boys class anyway. give them some 60hp chariots just to keep their stupid mouths shut for a change.
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Very nice! ... I'd like to see them all together on the grid! ...And bunch of guys in Speedo holding the umbrellas (Grid Guys)
  • Andy Hill
    i wanna wach splitass only racing,,,something to look at,n you all complain lewis is a girl anywaygood platform to give them a push
  • Todd Morrison
    The first one to crash Will be the face of ALL female drivers
  • Rusty Renner
    Hot chics and fast cars....um yeah!! I just don't want to see umbrella dudes. But I'll watch.
  • Andrei Cocosatu
    i wish some f1 driver changes sexes and go race there for a while. that should be fun!
  • Dan Gibbs
    Two stop strategy, one for fresh tyres and one for a new layer of eye liner
  • Alisa Pierce Windlinger
    Will it be televised in the US? We will certainly watch if it is.
  • Robert DeCastro
    This race has got to be more competitive than F1..that's for sure.
  • Guhto Castro
    Nice joke .... like see mix race same power in car F1
  • Chris Matthews
    At least the pit lane will be tidy...
  • William Scalzitti
    sexist stupid bullshit....
  • Todd Morrison
    Sounds ridiculous
  • Michael F Western
    Maxcine Elizabeth Taylor
  • Shahrulilahi Erolf
    not interested

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