Fans want Alonso back at Ferrari

Thursday, 11 october 2018, 07:39 , by Matthew Scott

Fans have started to back an online petition created in an attempt to see Sebastian Vettel replaced by Fernando Alonso at Ferrari next year. Scuderia fans have been stung by Vettel and Ferrari's slump in recent months that has put Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes on the brink of title glory.

Vettel led the drivers' championship, with Ferrari ahead in the team standings, after the German upset Hamilton to in the British Grand Prix.

However, since he slid out of his home race in Germany a week later to help Hamilton regain top spot, the Briton has not looked back, winning six of the last seven races to move within touching distance of a fifth world crown.

A victory in Austin next time out will do the job for Hamilton if Vettel does not follow him home in second and fans have begun to bite back, with one hoping to catch the eye of the Scuderia with an online petition.

The petition's creator wrote: "Ferrari now has a car which is not only a lot more faster than in 2014, but can actually fight for winning the championship.

"With Kimi Raikkonen far from the driver which impressed 10-12 years ago, and with Sebastian Vettel who did not prove he was able to cope with the pressure of performing at his best when needed, we want to see Fernando Alonso back in a competitive red car.

"With him and another good driver, Ferrari could win both titles in 2019!"

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Comments (34)

  • Juan Sánchez
    I've been following F1 for at least 30 years and I've always seen different teams dominating in different eras, McLaren(Senna, Prost), Williams(Mansell, Prost, Hill), Ferrari(Schumacher), Vettel(RedBull), Hamilton(Mercedes), but there has always been an underdog car taking championships or very near and those two drivers were no other than Benetton(Schumacher) and Alonso(Renault) taking 2 titles in a row. Alonso beating Schumacher in his invincible Ferrari 2 years in a row will go down as a greatest feat ever in F1 history. F1 will miss Alonso a lot and Indy Cart and WEC will redcarpet the guy. How stupid of Mercedes to not give Alonso Rosberg's vacant seat. Can you imagine the fight at the front with Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel? Audiences would be sky high again. Alonso with this years Ferrari machinery would be at least 30 points ahead of Hamilton in the championship, he is at least 0.3 per lap quicker than Vettel in race form. I'd even say Vandoorne is as quick as Vettel if not quicker. Vettel proved he could only be good in a supercar whereas Alonso proves day in day out nomatter what car he is driving he is head and shoulders above the rest. Maybe Ferrari surprise us and sign up Alonso again at the end of the season. If Vettel messes up in any of the races left he might be sacked at the end of the season. This season has been by far the best Ferrari since 2006.
  • David Thorp
    The best thing F1 can do is get rid of Ferrari, they're the spoilt kid in the class room, very much a previous chapter. They take fortunes from F1 and just hand out gift wrapped attitude. When ever I see a Ferrari on the road, I can't help but think 'Knob'. Heritage and history just wastes valuable time on yesterday that you should be spending on today and tomorrow.
  • Chris Fox
    yea seems as though Alonso's predictions are true about ferrari being unable to reach the top step. vettel drops the ball the last 2 years, something alonso wouldnt have done. if ferrari fans dont want alonso back then its obvious that they have gotten used to getting their asses kicked by mercedes every year. nothings gonna change
  • Doug Sturgill
    Come to America Alonso! IndyCar would love to have you. Not the same glamour or money but good racing competition. Tracks aren't as high end as the world class tracks of F1 but Indianapolis has the 500 plus IndyCar is going to the Circuit of America in 2019! You are world class and would do very well.
  • Greg Hannaford
    Think he has had his time and he had his chances in top cars but he could not become world champ. Merc rules and Hamilton has proven he is a driver to reckon with. Vettel is a cry babe and should go back to cart racing maybe that will help him to learn some skills again
  • Mahmood Nasir
    Alonso is class apart. He drives in the league of his own. No driver on the grid can match him. A driver who fought with the great Michael, is no match for vettel or hamilton. Hamilton is nothing in front of alonso
  • Steven Miller
    Cool, that way Lewis can beat him even more convincingly than he did in the same car as a rookie, leading to Alonso becoming garage poison before he flounces off to a big money deal with Sauber.
  • David Muffitt
    I suppose moving shit cunt alonso to Ferrari "again" would make vettel look better !! New money for old rope n all that !! Alonso is well out of his depth in any car in F1. LH44
  • David Thorp
    Plus they should have invested their efforts in Kimi, Vettel can only win a championship if he's the only contender. Alonso as a team mate would end Vettel's career - he'd get humiliated.
  • Luis Pulido Garcia Gf
    Hamilton would destroy Alonso as well. It's the same for Hamilton. Both Alonso and vettel are in the same level and not so good as Hamilton
  • Amalio Dominguez
    No way in hell !! Even Alonso could not win a championship with Ferrari so why would he now ?! After all, Alonso is a drama queen
  • Hirok Kalita
    If Fernando Alonso was given this Scuderia Ferrari car, he would be leading the championship by 50 points.
  • Kelly Mattes
    "If I could turn back time" terrible song by Cher. How about "Days of future past" by the Moody Blues
  • Nihal Anand Shettigar
    Im a fan of Ferrari but this would be disastrous because vettel would whine if Alonso does good which he will
  • Jolanda Kouwenberg
    Nou Anneke Freddy als dat toch eens zou kunnen. Dan zijn wij heeeel blij.
  • Shijil Hashim
    Sherwyn, yes, I agree the Spanish Samurai will be a hardcore rival for Lewis
  • Stephen Smart
    Would love this!! He’d win the championship for us in the current car!
  • Malik Qaiser
    Definitely , Nando is a GreaT Fighter & SuperB Driver
  • Chad Scruggs
    If this happens. I’m sorry Vettel but you are #2
  • Corey Christensen
    Should be "fans want strategy back at Ferrari"

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