VIDEO: Verstappen and Raikkonen crash on lap one!

Sunday, 07 october 2018, 01:20 , by Matthew Scott

Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen tangled on the opening lap of the Japanese Grand Prix, helping the Finn's Ferrari teammate Sebastian Vettel complete a brilliant start to the race in Suzuka. Vettel climbed to fifth before Verstappen and Raikkonen's collision helped Vettel pass his fellow Scuderia driver, but Verstappen just held onto P3 – with stewards investigating the incident.

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  • Michael Kenis
    Is a discussion for money!! Ferrari gives more money to the fia then red bull. Ferrari act untouchable but with a pussy like Vettel it’s always someone’s there fault.
  • Marjorie Brassart
    Definitely Verstappen's fault. He was out of the track and should have wait to go back safely. He did not. Penalty. Normal.
  • Marcus Loevenforst
    He should go back to driving go carts, he is too young, reckless and will never be a champion, just like his father
  • Jose Antonio Perez
    See you Formula 1, Australian Grand Prix is the next one, This year is done....
  • Vesa Pajula
    One day Max will kill someone with he's reckless and dangerous driving.
  • Terry Beach
    Verscrashtappen at it again don't he know how to drive a car
  • Terry Beach
  • Manos Nikalexis
    that guy should not be allowed to drive -.- he is bad for the sport
  • Bryan Falcon
    Crashstappen strikes again
  • Pablo Moreira
    Normal , just more from the same
  • Roberto Freda
    Again again again
  • Sean Wang
    Yes he is.

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