Vettel 'deserved' better than ninth

Saturday, 06 october 2018, 03:55 , by Matthew Scott

Sebastian Vettel said he deserved more than ninth place on the grid after Ferrari's latest strategic blunder left him a distance off pole-sitting title rival Lewis Hamilton at Suzuka. Vettel clung to the notion that "anything can happen tomorrow" after Ferrari's tyre gamble in Q3 backfired spectacularly.

Vettel and Raikkonen merged for Q3 fitted with intermediate tyres, but the track had dried after a brief shower and the pair scurried back to the pits for slicks, all the while Hamilton set his pole lap with a 1:27.760.

Once the Ferraris were back on-track, the rain returned and errors at the slippery Spoon Curve cost them – particularly Vettel.

Vettel will start the race in eighth thanks to Esteban Ocon picking up a three-place grid penalty for a red-flag infraction in FP3.

Having slid out of a certain German GP win and trailed Hamilton in wet qualifying sessions in Hungary and Belgium, Vettel was left to count the cost of more misery in inclement weather.

"I think the first run was sort of OK," he said. "Obviously I had a mistake in Spoon so lost most of the time there.

"But obviously the second run we didn't make it out on time the because the rain came.

"Obviously it's not the position we deserved to be in. I think we have better speed than ninth but we start there and we'll see how it goes.

"I think anything can happen tomorrow. Tomorrow's a new day - obviously it's not easy when you start further back but it's not impossible."

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Comments (31)

  • Christopher Thiesen
    I think Vettel is the problem. He never praises or thanks his team like Lewis thanks his Mercedes team. He only complains . He’s turning into a cancer like Alonso. I think Ferrari is getting rid of the wrong driver next year. He’s not a team motivator. They should keep Kimi and get rid of Vettel !!!!
  • Adam Glass
    It comes down to the car. We've seen what he can do when in the best car on the track. Mercedes has the best car. Put Hamilton in any other car and he'll place accordingly. Same with Vettel, Ric, Ver, or anyone else. No one is perfect. 9th isn't great, but he wasn't last.
  • Emery Tiling Marcus Hughes
    How did he deserve better, he has proved time and time again he cannot perform in wet weather, he has handed the title to Lewis again. As Max said in quali interviews is there really a battle still on.
  • Jamie McGregor
    He was on the track at the same time and with the Same tyre as his team mate. And look what his teammate achieved! so did he deserve better? I think if he didn’t fuck up maybe but he fucked up so no then.
  • Kevin Paul
    I think Paul di Resta pointed out that his qually lap on slicks that he mucked up, the track conditions were better than when Lewis set his pole lap. Ferrari deserve better too
  • Conor Brent Davis
    Vettel deserves better then 9th I think you mean danny better then the treatment he is getting from red bull! It's a joke how bad it's been for him!!!
  • Akhil Muraleedharan
    I have never seen a more optimistic person..from 9th on a set of ss tyres when mercs are starting on soft compound. There is no chance
  • Eduardo Aparicio
    Vettel had bad moments in qualifying. Not once, but twice. But again, why watch when everybody knows who wins?
  • Adrian Fielder
    Let down by his team and his mistake in spoon so yes got what he deserved
  • Chris Matthews
    If he 'deserved' better than ninth he would have been better than ninth.
  • Roger Taylor
    Why do we have to make excuses for Vettel you get what you deserve.
  • Amitabh Krishna
    I don’t think so. Vettel is to be blamed as much as the team
  • Scott Martino
    Let's be fair, he is going to be in 4th place by lap 5
  • Samuel Jones Laforest
    That new livery looks like it paid good dividends
  • Bill Edwards
    I mean if that's the case Ham deserves better than pole. lmao
  • Tony McDermott
  • Brad Jeffery
    Nope. Team sport. Once again team let him down.
  • Norm Mcfarlane
    Well deserved aye Butch Pfrengle
  • Nick Bennetts
    Yes, but Ferrari's strategists are braindead.
  • Kenneth Petrie
    They made mistakes, they earned their position.

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