Vettel makes too many 'stupid mistakes' to beat Hamilton

Thursday, 20 september 2018, 05:42 , by Matthew Scott

Sebastian Vettel's tendency to make "stupid mistakes" when he is not leading a race will come back to haunt him in his title fight with Lewis Hamilton. That is the view of Adrian Newey, the man responsible for designing Vettel's championship-winning Red Bull cars.

Vettel has spilled points with on-track mistakes in Azerbaijan, Austria, France, Germany and Italy, while the Singapore Grand Prix did not pass without incident.

The German hit the wall in FP2, losing crucial track time, and Ferrari's strategy then cost him even further as he finished third, allowing race winner Hamilton to open up a 40-point lead.

Vettel has said he must now win all six remaining races if he is to overhaul Hamilton, but Newey is concerned that the pressure may come to haunt his former charge.

"He works incredibly hard and is sometimes too dogged – hardly anyone is more self-critical than he is," Newey told Bild am Sonntag of Vettel.

"If he has a weakness, then it’s that sometimes he makes stupid mistakes that happen in the heat of the moment.

"If he leads a race, he is almost unbeatable. But in direct duels he sometimes slips up.

"In sports, but also in life, people deal differently with pressure. For a racing driver this can be particularly difficult. In the car, he is not only responsible for himself, but he has the entire team in the garage on his shoulders.

"Some drivers do not care; take the Finns Kimi Raikkonen and Mika Hakkinen, for example. But then there are also drivers who, just at the end of a season, when it comes to the world championship, feel the pressure weighing down on them. The harder a driver works, the more he feels the pressure.

"If he’s going to manage it, he needs at least one retirement from Lewis. Otherwise it will be damn hard."

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  • Stuart Williamson
    Lewis is on form. Hes been the difference this season so in my opinion he deserves a fifth world title. The mans simply the best driver out there atm and he keeps on proving it week in week out. The mans a machine hopping from country to country doing allsorts of things and hes still got the energy and class too show up every single time. We are watching an athelete performing at his best so shut up whinging and enjoy it
  • Christine Muise
    This page is ridiculous..change your page name to "The Hamilton fan page"... So sick of the bashing of Vettel!! I joined this page to see stories of all the drivers not the constant Ass kissing of Hamilton and the bashing of everyone else!!
  • Per Axblom
    Well Hamilton did also a lot of misstakes before he sat in the unbeatable Mercedes. And now when Ham makes misstakes FIA blame someone else and help him.
  • Robert DeCastro
    Its combination of Vettel and the strategy..all season long.
  • Teo Mertiri
    Lewis looks mature driver and perhaps a better than Vetel
  • Scott Furlong
    The FIA help him ???
  • Boban Kostic
    season it's over now !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aniusia ?uki Dmochowscy
    its true.... ;( forza Ferrari!
  • Mark Kovach
    Not to mention horrible strategy calls
  • Nihal Anand Shettigar
    Unfortunately Adrian is right
  • Franz Dale
    Grazzi raggazi
  • Patrick Fern
    Another F1 season ruined

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