Arrivabene shoulders responsibility for Ferrari failings

Thuesday, 18 september 2018, 10:55 , by Martin Macdonald

Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene insists that he must take responsibility for each of Ferrari's failings in the 2018 championship race as the buck stops with him, and defended the strategy of both Sebastian Vettel and his engineers following a disappointing Singapore Grand Prix.

The Scuderia currently trail Mercedes in the constructor's championship and indeed in the driver's championship with Vettel second behind Lewis Hamilton.

The German driver has come in for some criticism in recent races, particularly from the Italian sports media, but Arrivabene has asked that any negative comments be directed to his role within the team.

“The only mistake you see in front of you is me. I’m responsible for the team," Arrivabene said.

“When the result is not coming, it’s my responsibility. Not the responsibility of Sebastian or the engineer or the responsibility of the mechanics. It’s my responsibility.

“If you want somebody to blame, he’s in front of you. The job was done already. I tell you, you don’t need to continue, but if you want, I’m still here!

“I accept the criticism from everybody, especially from the people who won before me – but in good faith not in bad faith. Because bad faith is not correct.”

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Comments (9)

  • Jamie Paget
    I got no time for him. Never speaks to the media, is never approachable, it's all closed doors at Ferrari. Christian Horner, Toto, Claire Williams, Gunther Steiner, and the other principals, all pretty much up for chats or whatever, but this guy? Think he might be looking up his own rear end....
  • Todd C Morman
  • Don Garner
    Arrivederci, Arrivabene.......falling on his 'prancing horse'....
  • Hank Siarczynski
    Arrivabene might be arrivederci soon.
  • Kenneth Petrie
    They have a big problem. It is Lewis Hamilton.
  • Mark Kovach
    Such bad strategy.
  • Matt Dingman
    Glad he’s finally owning up!
  • Joseph Dominianni
    He has to go.

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