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Prost: Ricciardo is expensive but worth the money

Prost: Ricciardo is expensive but worth the money


Prost: Ricciardo is expensive but worth the money

Prost: Ricciardo is expensive but worth the money

Formula One legend and current Renault advisor Alain Prost believes that the huge outlay of wages they will pay Daniel Ricciardo over the duration of his contract with the French team will be justified because the Australian is worth it as a top driver.

Over the summer break, the 2019 driving line-up was given a shake with the likes of Fernando Alonso announcing his retirement and Lawrence Stroll swooping in at the eleventh hour to save Force India from going out of business.

However, perhaps the biggest, and most surprising, news came from the Renault camp, where it was announced that Ricciardo would be jumping ship from Red Bull.

According to the Daily Mail, the new deal is worth $35 million to Ricciardo, but Prost thinks his new colleague is worth every penny.

“Daniel is more expensive than other drivers,” Prost told The Guardian.

“When you need that to help the team we did it. Money is not a problem but it has to be justified. We have two top drivers, maybe one of the best lineups in F1 today.

“They are Renault drivers, not owned by Red Bull or Mercedes. It shows everybody outside and inside that we want to do the best, the right choices at the right moment.

“We are not going to spend money unless we know that it is worth it. Mercedes and Ferrari may have a different philosophy.”

Prost revealed that the thing that continues to motivate him in the sport, and it is a desire to return to the top with Renault.

“Mercedes, they’re at the top and I don’t think I would have the motivation,” the Frenchman added.

“Now it’s so difficult to get back to the top that I find it very interesting. Every time I can see something that is needed then I am there.”

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