VIDEO: Vettel hits the wall in Singapore practice!

Friday, 14 september 2018, 09:21 , by Matthew Scott

It was future Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in the all during FP1 in Singapore, and current Scuderia star Sebastian Vettel followed his lead in the second session. Vettel immediately dived into the pits with fluid leaking from his car, immediately sparking fears over their hopes for the weekend.

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  • Adnan Curtovic
    The current No.1 and the future "Ferrari star" both out, while the guy who was just cut two weeks ago is sitting pretty at the top of the sheets!
  • Samuel Jones Laforest
    Oh look, doesn’t this show that vettel is better then Hamilton? Ya I didn’t think so. Just another screw up to add to the books
  • Pat Williams
    Nice clickbait.. not sure why this is surprising. It's a pretty comon occurrence at this circuit and other street ones like it.
  • Mike Cambier
    30 points behind and still keeps on making mistakes , this Vettel is definitely overrated .
  • Mike Cambier
    30 points behind and still keeps on making mistakes , this Vettel is definitely overrated .
  • Mislav Patek
    And Kimi's the one compromising Ferrari's chances of winning a championship, sure.
  • Shahrulilahi Erolf
    kimi supposely to be the 1st driver...vettel is losing when lewis playing mind games
  • Gilbert Morales
    And no one mentions Lewis' mistake during practice, which was more stupid.
  • Colton Cranmore
    You F1 fans will make a headline out of anything hahaha
  • John-Peter Warren
    And people say this guy is better than Hamilton , smh
  • Frank Fang
    Vettel hits the wall, Leclerc hits the wall...
  • Robert DeCastro
    Since 2011..Seb won 5x and Lewis 2x on this track.
  • Jovan Maksic
    Championship is over... In Germany it was
  • Eduardo Aparicio
    He keeps making mistakes, goodbye championship
  • Gary Joseph Skiffen
    "Hope Ferrari weren't watching."
  • Tzanis Dino
    ?? ?? ? ? ? ???
  • Catia Fernández Alonso
    Hahahahha Sonia Fernández Alonso el otro tmb!!
  • Gordon Assur
    That’s what practice is for! It’ll buff out!
  • Rudy Cloon
    that's why they call it practice you morons.
  • Fay Stebbings
    Noooo...wait until the start of the race!

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