VIDEO: Scary moment for Hamilton and Vettel in FP2!

Friday, 14 september 2018, 08:48 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton managed to avoid all the drama at the Singapore Grand Prix last year but he almost caused it in FP2 as a massive lock-up early in the session almost sent him ploughing into the back of title rival Sebastian Vettel. Luckily for both, flat-spotted front tyres on the Mercedes was the only damage done.

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Comments (9)

  • Ivan Van Wyk
    Uhhhh let's get racing back without the Halo and engine restrictions with driver with balls bigger than the premier League
  • John Saville
    Scarier moment reversing into traffic than the lock up
  • Nathan Bevan
    Not very scary!! Lock up & ran off!!
  • Lars Hansen
    Not even close ....
  • Greg Wilkinson
    Philip Wilkinson
  • Antonio Jam├ęs
    Hammy being a twat as per
  • Daniel Laupitz
    Marcus Ericsson fault

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