Liberty Media's 2021 F1 concept car leaked

Thursday, 13 september 2018, 09:51 , by Matthew Scott

Images of Liberty Media's concept car for the 2021 Formula 1 season and beyond have been leaked online. The year 2021 stands to be key in Liberty's ownership of F1 as they are set to introduce a raft of new regulations, including new engines and tyres.

"Simpler" and "cheaper" power units are at the heart of Liberty's future vision for F1, as well as 18-inch wheel rims, which will attempt to make racing more exciting on-track.

Refreshed aerodynamic regulations for 2019 will also look to boost overtaking, which has become trickier amid high-downforce designs since the start of 2017.

Ross Brawn revealed a look at how an F1 car could appear ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix.

The design features pared down front wings and the new, larger wheels, with the kind of detailed sidepods seen on today's F1 cars also missing.

Some fans may be disheartened to see the halo remaining on Liberty's prototype, but the cockpit protection is in F1 to stay, although Brawn and FIA race director Charlie Whiting recently suggested that a next-generation device – potentially introduced in 2021 – would be better aesthetically.

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