Raikkonen told Ferrari future at Monza

Thursday, 13 september 2018, 07:31 , by Martin Macdonald

Kimi Raikkonen was on form during the press conference for the Singapore Grand Prix on Thursday morning, as he responded to continuous questions on his future and the announcement that he would be leaving Ferrari at the end of the season for Sauber.

Last week it was announced that Raikkonen would be leaving Ferrari at the end of the season to be replaced by Charles Leclerc, with the Finn going in the other direction back to Sauber.

Most of the questions Raikkonen faces at the press conference were about this announcement.

“In Monza, that’s when I knew [I was leaving Ferrari]” he said. “I know people at Sauber from the past, so it basically started after that.

“I wouldn’t say there were plans for a long time to go back there.”

Raikkonen then took umbrage when a journalist questioned why he would take the step down to Sauber.

“Because I want to go. Why do you [media] try to make it so complicated?

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“I don’t know anything more than you guys, purely where they’ve been finishing. I don’t know what will happen, nobody knows what will happen next year, what will be the speed of the car.

“We can always guess but we’ll see what we can do. Those are my reasons and that’s enough for me. I don’t really care about what the others think, as long as I’m happy with my own reasons, that’s fine for me.”

The 'Iceman', in typically sarcastic form on the day, replied to one member of the media who asked whether he was still passionate about racing, saying:

“No I am not actually. I, just for pure head games with you guys, I have signed and I am going to spend two years there not happy.”

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  • Gordon Layton
    Kimi knows how to answer stupid questions - he didn't waste a sensible reply on a foolish journalist
  • Heather Murray
    Richard I love Kimi
  • Heather Murray
    Richard I love Kimi
  • Sharron Price-saylor
    Hah! Reminds me so of Jim Clark with the press
  • Társio Sagges Venâncio
    Kimi <3 Zambrotti Rodrigo
  • Tet S. Tiongco
    Classic kimi

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