Hamilton thinks F2 sounds and races better than F1

Wednesday, 06 december 2017, 09:04

2017 Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton believes that F1's feeder sport, Formula 2, has better sounding cars and better racing than the senior level and has questioned why this is the case, even though Liberty Media are making strides towards increasing the competition's brand awareness.

Hamilton was speaking at the BRDC Awards on Monday evening and lamented a lack of noise coming from the cars currently in Formula One, insisting that the lower level of F2 sounded better and also had closer traffic during races.

"From a racing driver's point of view you just want to be able to race closely like you could in karts," said the Mercedes driver.

"Kart racing is the best form of racing still, because the guys follow each other so closely.

"The cars this year are the best they've ever been. Looking at the next step, I believe Ross [Brawn] and Chase and the teams are really working hard to make sure that the next cars in 2021, they're even more raw.

"I hope they make the cars louder. You can have bigger tyres. Why did Jackie [Stewart] have big tyres back in the day and we've got smaller tyres? Maybe a little less downforce, maybe we can race closer.

"There's no reason why a GP2 race or F2 or whatever you want to call it should be louder and sound better, and be able to have better racing, and follow closer.

"And that's what we've somehow got to make in F1, while it's still faster than the other classes."

Despite his dissatisfaction with some aspects of the sport like the lack of noise coming from the cars, Hamilton recognised Liberty Media's attempts at making F1 more of a global phenomenon.

"Formula 1 has been a little bit behind other sports. It's such a special sport.

"And you look at the NFL, you look at soccer, you look at all these other sports which happen to have a little bit more of a global awareness – I think F1 has the scope to be as big as those.

"I think the great thing with Chase and the team from Liberty coming in is they've really brought something new into the mix this year, whilst they're learning at the same time about the sport, and what the fans want."

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Comments (36)

  • Adam Hepworth
    Apart from next year they have turbo engines too so the noise is going to be different there. Wonder what the reliability will be like.
  • Adzrin Ian Adnan
    Because you are not racing anyone. Just wait for few other teams par with Mercedes and you'll have your chances..
  • Paul Davidson
    About time some one said it.. Good on you Lewis. When you think of budgets, this shows what how crap the sport has been managed
  • Matt Wenzel
    Definitely better races, 1 team doesn't dominate the entire race from Turn 1 until the checkered
  • Tim Friest
    Hamilton could probably get a seat in F2 easier than almost anyone else... Might take a tiny pay cut though.
  • Sam Miguel Walbank
    Been saying that last 4 year. Your paying allot of monies for now an inferior product..
  • Cameron Smith
    Not a fan of the bloke due to the bias british commentators but agree whole heartedly
  • Laz Till
    Sort of like the PussyCat Dolls and Spice Girls lol...
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Definitely more competitive! ... More driving effort!
  • Vlada Zivkovic
    I don't like him as a driver but I completely agree with him.
  • Farhad Sigari
    Hooman Shabatian does Shady have any thoughts on this?
  • Steven Salhany
    I like the sound of F U Lewis. Has a bit of a ring to it lol
  • Dennis Jones
    Well because it is better until they fuck it up with the V6 trash
  • Ruben Flores
    Yeah but he doesn't want Fernando to have the same engine than him
  • Scherwing Samson-Renales
    Let us ask Nando to compare GP2 and F1.
  • Federico Tombolini
    All the cars are the same!
  • John Saville
    Doesn't pay quite as well though eh Lewis?
  • Andy Hall
    More pure as a race series definitely
  • Ian Barrett
    Well go and race them then.
  • Clive Charters
    Well maybe he should go back to F2,
  • Kelvin Wan
    This I agree
  • Fivos Freeke
    Yes I agree
  • Marcela Eme Laffayette
    Get lost hamilton!!!
  • Michael Lundkvist
    Starting to Think the same.
  • Marton István Dávid
    he's right :D
  • Tom Thorsen
    Who doesn't??
  • Bryan Roebuck
    Lol, Hamilton thinks.
  • Francisco Guerra
    He should go to f2

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