Liberty Media considering circuit alterations

Wednesday, 06 december 2017, 07:51

Formula One boss Ross Brawn has admitted that the owners of the sport, Liberty Media, have opened up a dialogue with representatives from Grand Prix circuits about the possibility of making changes to the respective tracks in order to make races more exciting.

Liberty have implemented a raft of changes since taking over ownership, with the standardisation of engines set to come in for the 2018 season. This decision is seen by many as a mistake as the performance of cars will focus on more reliability and less speed.

However, following an Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which left viewers lamenting the dull action, Liberty are open to the possibility of making structural changes to tracks.

"The aerodynamic programme is now starting to pick up pace, and the work on circuit development is happening," Brawn told Motorsport.

"We have already got engaged with some circuits about possible modifications to improve racing."

He added: "We have started looking in our archives.

"Were there periods of racing where there was more overtaking? Are there tracks where there is more overtaking? So you can do a statistical analysis.

"The thing you have to be careful of is that overtaking isn't good racing. You have got to start to think about what is good racing, and it is two cars fighting each other.

"It may mean the guy in front stays in front but you can have some great racing going on. It is a little bit more complex than counting the number of overtakes.

"What we are seeing so far is the ability to take different lines through corners is quite important to help racing. So if you have got a hairpin and it is a narrow track, it is not that great.

"If you have a hairpin and it is a wide track, where there can be some different lines going into it, then you can get something happening.

Brawn went on to give an example of a track which he believes could be a blueprint to follow.

"Austin, I think, would fall into the category of a complex of corners.

"So you take a line on one corner going in, and then you start to force the defending car to start taking different lines.

"And then eventually you come out in the right place. That is what we are looking at.

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Comments (28)

  • Glen Pullen
    Get rid of all circuits in countries with dubious political and human rights problems / outlook, and put the races in countries fans can go to, feel safe going to, feel morally happy going to, and want to go to, plus where fans can afford to pay to do expensive fun things like F1 rather than spend their limited money of just surviving.
  • Ahamed Rafiq
    Yep...Take off all the high speed straights...Restrict the twisted sections to one...Reduce the speed...Improve engine reliablilty... Reduce the number of teams...drivers ..audience..And finally let Ross brawn and Jean todt race each other..
  • Rick Wilson
    I think that the governing body needs a makeover. They are making F1 boring and processional. They are destroying F1 with ridiculous new regulations and outrageous technical demands. They are taking the fun right out of F1.
  • Glen Pullen
    All street circuits (Possible exception of Monaco only because of it's history). Too many concrete barriers, too close to the track, they are unsafe, cause delays to racing if there are problems, and stop spectators watching.
  • Martin Elliott
    Do you design/modify the circuits for the current cars (life?) or the modify the cars to the circuits (life?). Can't seem to make their minds up as to the best approach in the long term!
  • Richard Harrold
    Controversial, but I'd ditch Monaco. Nothing interesting ever happens there. Replace it with a "Circuit des Alpes-Maritimes" up in the mountains.
  • Jesper Larsen
    all them tracks where you can run off track and gain an advantage...we need the sand back at all tracks without walls
  • Dávid Moldvai
    Ovals please! Indycar oval races are so awesome. Bring 'em to F1 asap if you wanna see real races!!
  • Ian Miles
    Drop all the Tilker circuits put back in circuits that are not completely flat.
  • Angelo Plenzick
    Hockenheim, con il ripristino della vecchia parte con i rettilinei veloci.
  • David Kirschke
    Alter all circuits to have two main straights connected by high banked corners...
  • Cameron Smith
    Forget the tracks its the sound and smell of the cars racing that needs improving
  • Richard Harrold
    Monza. Get rid of the chicanes! Spa - ditto, and consider reopening the old long layout.
  • Manuel Razo
    Russia, this to make look better... Out of the calendar.
  • Vlada Zivkovic
    Bring back Hockenheim, Imola, Magny Cour, and Turkey.
  • Adam Leeding
    Hockenheim definitely bring back the long straights
  • Marton István Dávid
    I think Baku needs a total deletion xD
  • Gabriel Thorn
    Monza. It's crying for some curves.
  • Joshua Dorsette
    almost all the tilkedromes do.
  • Muhammad Adib
    Monaco - out Abu Dhabi - out
  • Mark Chamberlain
    Drop Hungary for gods sake!
  • Rohith Iyyattil
    Bhuj international circuit...
  • Bo Won
    Anything designed by Tilke
  • Trevor Jones
    What next? ovals!

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