Hamilton vows to never partner Alonso again

Monday, 04 december 2017, 08:06

Lewis Hamilton has insisted that he will never again partner Fernando Alonso in a Formula One team following a spell over a decade ago at Mclaren in which the pair never really gelled, with the Brit having won three world championships since leaving for Mercedes.

Hamilton's debut season in Formula One saw his partnered with Alonso, who at that time was the defending champion with McLaren. There was not a lot of cohesion between the duo with arguments becoming regular behind the scenes, ultimately leading to the Spaniard leaving McLaren after just one campaign alongside Hamilton.

The British driver has one year to run on his current deal with Mercedes, and with no contract extension confirmed yet with the Silver Arrows speculation is mounting as to whether he could jump ship to another team. Ferrari and McLaren have been touted as possible destinations, with the latter putting him back together with Alonso, but Hamilton claims this will definitely not happen.

When questioned about whether he could return to McLaren, he said:

"That will never happen," he told Stuttgarter Zeitung

"Toto (Wolff) understands how the dynamics of a team works and compares it to a magnet. When two north poles meet, they repeal one another, so you need a north and a south pole. Two north poles results in negative energy, like in 2007 with Alonso and me."

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Comments (26)

  • Anet Kotze
    No better not put them together again, we need to see pure racing skills from both of them in equal machinery and that way no team orders can play a role between them. They respect each other now, lets keep it like that, but i still lean towards Alonso when it comes to raw, relentless racing, dragging a dead uncompetitive car, Love or hate Alonso, he is a racer, his whole being is a raw racer who fights to the very end, that sees a gap and try make mince meat out of it, even use DRS to keep up and keep on racing with a engine that does not have the engine power and speed
  • Nels Brown
    If Ham is the best he will be the best, but if not the experience will be humbling, and good for him. Alonzo is proven, he's a fighter, let him have a chance at Ham's throat with NO TEAM ORDERS. Tell me you don't wanna see this!
  • Steven Miller
    Alonso became raw poison when a rookie Hamilton started to get the better of him in 2007. There's a mutual respect for each other's abilities now, but that can of worms is best not opened again.
  • Paul Albin
    Oh it would be SO much fun to watch the fireworks of that pairing! It would make Lewis and Nico look like bedfellows.
  • Martin Hossell
    Alonso has matured now, so there would be no bitter rivalry. Better than teaming up with Vettel
  • Marcelolaley Crespi
    es muy competitivo alonso para ser el 2do...:v y siempre sera el campeon que vencio a shumaher...(Y)
  • Lee Wright
    Scared of the competition a proper team mate who wants be no1 driver in the team and I’m a Lewis fan
  • Maria Martin
    Hamilton ha tenido suerte en los últimos años con sus coches, Alonso,es mucho mejor
  • Matt Wenzel
    Two completely opposite personalities, sometimes that works - sometimes it does not.
  • Bobby Bass
    You should just go ahead and change the name of the page to Hamilton 24/7
  • Algene Santiago
    This two Alpha is too much for an F1 team to handle
  • Eric Matthews
    Hamilton doesn't want a team mate that will compete with him.
  • Gary Hilliard
    He doesn't want his butt kicked. Hamilton is no Alonso.
  • Puddin Tane
    it's all fun and games until lewis starts whingeing
  • Nick Kamouzis
    A champion and a rookie, thats how a team should always be
  • Tony Bowler
    Right because Alonso will beat him.
  • Tony Diaz
    i think Hamilton needs the challenge
  • João Júlio Manzi
    #Hammered https://youtu.be/U8190t4mrbc
  • Georgie McGlinchey
    I'm sure Alonso will be devastated, lol
  • Brian Andujar Perez
    Can't handle Alonso!

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