Vettel on Kubica: 'Why didn't he do this earlier?'

Monday, 04 december 2017, 05:55

Sebastian Vettel has given his opinion on the potential return to Formula One of Robert Kubica who has been missing from the sport after suffering a serious arm injury six years ago, while also providing thoughts on the emergence of Formula E racing.

Kubica was a promising driver a few years ago, but was forced to retire from the sport after losing part of his forearm during a rally accident. He has been working hard on making a return and is tipped to potentially be involved in the 2018 F1 season after impressing during test races with Williams, but Vettel has questioned the timing of the decision from the Pole.

“I think it’s very tragic what happened to him back then," he said to SonntagsBlick.

"He was considered a future champion. However, I do not understand why he is now pushing for a comeback. Why did not he do this earlier? For him it would certainly be a nice story. On the other hand, it would be a pity for younger drivers, whom he would take away a drive."

During the interview, Vettel turned his attention to the upcoming Formula E sport, but it doesn't look like we will be seeing the German in an electric car anytime soon.

“For me, that’s not the future. Yes E-mobility is currently very popular throughout the world. But anyone who identifies with motor racing and is honest, can’t identify much with Formula E.

“First of all, the cars are not very fast,” he continues, and says: “Many drivers driving there have told me that driving is not actually very exciting."

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Comments (25)

  • Maciej Paul Dryja
    Vettel chill son until the illuminati allows you to have a top speed like Hamilton with the DRS , ,they efing robbed you tens of times this year. Got anger problems, plow into that Hamilton 3 times straight until you get all that bad energy out. And ef off from the Pole. If you had accidents like he had youd be driving go karts in Bavaria.Kubica can make that up in the corners. Focus your fight on Hamilton.
  • Marcin Majchrzyk
    Is F1 a Young drivers formula? Or should it be a place for the best of the best? He didn't try to comeback earlier simply be cause he wasn't ready. Now he is and he should have a go to prove his critics are wrong. Does Seb want to create a manual that state's how long an injured driver can possibly be away from F1 and over what period of time he should not be allowed to make a comeback?
  • Pablo V. Gomez
    Michael Schumacher had the best credentials ever for a comeback (after retirement)... but his performance was far away from he was before... There are plenty of drivers around that should get the chance instead of Kubica (and I was a fan of him!)
  • William S. Gatlos Jr
    You know I've watched kubica over the last few seasons crash out almost every race erased in in rally I don't understand why anyone would let this guy even change a tire on a Formula 1 car. Go to Formula E or something kubica
  • Tim Rabe
    Come on Save give him a break he was a great driver had a horrific injury had to work hard to rehab it and get back to the position to even have this happen and hey the manufacturer's on the car owners are letting him do this
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Is Sebastian afraid of Robert? ... lol. He didn't do it earlier because he was recovering from that injury! ... simple as that. Now he feels capable to go all the way ...
  • Dee Paterson
    Yes but if not for his horrendous accident then his seat would not have been available to another driver in the first place. I hope he does come back.
  • Martin Hossell
    Kubica tried to make a comeback a couple of years ago but wasn’t given a chance. Vettel should lay off the bad opinions. Does he see him as a threat?
  • Shaun Mayo
    Now that's funny Seb saying that about Kubica taking a young drivers seat, didn't hear Seb saying that about Kimi staying another year at Ferrari.
  • Maysoon Kteifan
    Young drivers still have chances in other next seasons, but for Kubica, if it is not in 2018, it will never be!
  • Andy Hall
    Probably first time I've ever agreed with him Unless you use F2 drivers, what's the point in it ?
  • Nestito CR
    El seb ke se calle la boca y ke se retire ke sin sus escapes y difusores soplados ya no es nadie
  • Anthony Louloudis
    Why didn t shut up your are talking all the time mr......
  • Tony Gaylord
    F*ck Vettel. He is by far the biggist whiner. Vettel's another F1 title are toast.
  • Zvone Kati?
    Why do you back up Raikkonen in ferrari if you want younger drivers on grid?
  • Benji Austin
    Fuck me... if Hamilton said this he'd be getting death threats.
  • Jason Speight
    Sounds like he knows he fast . I think he should get a year to see
  • Owain Stevens
    That’s the best comment he has made all year .. I agree 100%
  • Kevin Kirk
    he almost kills himself in anything he climbs into.
  • Pranay Dawne
    Pascal wehrlein should get the chance
  • Arnaud Caralp
    Vettel is not a god or owner of team
  • Marty Farrer-Williams
    Britoni Farrer-Williams Lynda Boo Farrer-Sharp
  • Arturo Duran
    why Are you afraid
  • Julien Tayeh
    Charbel Chahine

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