VIDEO: Halo to the rescue in CRAZY Spa crash

Sunday, 26 august 2018, 09:18 , by Matthew Scott

The Belgian Grand Prix began with an astonishing crash as Fernando Alonso flew into the air after contact with Nico Hulkenberg and landed on the cockpit of Charles Leclerc's Sauber. The halo device appeared to save Leclerc a serious injury.

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  • Pranay Dawne
    I must say if it wasn't Halo then I will surely be fatal, I am no the Halo was even cracked
  • Eveline Vogelesang
    Sylvia, wist niet dat Alonso op vliegles ging
  • Matthew Stanner
    Gareth Spooner
  • Hadry Xul
    Humberto Hernandez
  • Jonathan Díaz
    Carlos Proaño
  • René Michel
    Simon Michel
  • Bryan Stanton
    Why was bottas not penalized?
  • Ben Patterson
    Hulk smash!

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