Hamilton would say 'no' if Ferrari came calling

Sunday, 03 december 2017, 07:30

Lewis Hamilton has insisted that he would ignore the advances of Ferrari if the Scuderia ever attempted to steal his services away from Mercedes, and claimed that it is his wish to stay with his current team until the time comes when he retires from F1.

The Brit claimed his fourth world championship this season, and three of these titles have came since he left McLaren for Mercedes in 2013. Hamilton appreciates his partnership with the Silver Arrows, and as Mercedes provided engines for McLaren when he was with the latter, the link goes back to the early days of his career which means Ferrari isn't a likely option.

'No," he told Stuttgarter-Zeitung, when questioned if he could imagine joining Ferrari.

"I am proud to be at Mercedes.I cannot imagine that will change. In life one should never say never, but I hope I finish my career in a Silver Arrow."

"[I’ve been connected to Mercedes] ever since I was 13, so longer than some people who work here in the factory in Sindelfingen," he added.

"For ten years I've been driving Mercedes in Formula 1, longer than any Mercedes driver before.

 "That really means something to me."

In the unlikely event that Hamilton did join Ferrari, it is a possibility that he would partner his current biggest rival, Sebastian Vettel. The world champion looked back on his feud with the German this season, and claimed that he now understood the strengths and weaknesses of the Ferrari driver a bit more than before.

"You get to know people you often deal with over time," he continued.

"One recognises their strengths and weaknesses."

“And you get to know them, how they react under pressure.

“As it turns out, none of us is a Superman and everyone can fail under extreme pressure.

“Some reach that point earlier, others later. Seb has shown more nerves this season that before."



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Comments (34)

  • Karl Erickson
    of course he won't. he knows McLaren got the car to be on right now why would he go to the 2nd team at the moment... he won't have a chance for the championship LOL. I say bring Alonso back to ferrari and he'd fight for it even w/ the slower car in the group.
  • Kapaz Da Vila
    Não porque isso já estive para acontecer a ferrari não aceita negros a conduzir um f1 revelação foi do alonso haveria uma troca alonso na Mercedes e Hamilton na ferrari
  • Nigel Pogson
    There would be too much internal politics going on. Like rosberg and Hamilton, Senna and Prost etc etc. They would be falling out all the time and it just wouldn't work.
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    But I would like Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport call Vettel ... It will be a butcher shop from the top to the end of season... lol.
  • Ahmad Bdair
    Dude!! Well it seems that u thinkin about it. And ferrari is tooo sophisticated for such drivers. We dnt need u hamilton. Keep U! To urslf
  • Martin Hossell
    It’s a no no! There would be fireworks between them. He had a team mate battle with Rosberg, so I’m sure he doesn’t want another one with Vettel.
  • Mohammad Islam
    Hell NO. I don't want to see Hamilton ever in Ferrari. Period. Ricciardo could be next chouce after Kimi from 2019.
  • Erika Barco
    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....Vettel es especial como piloto y ser humano.
  • Tony Bowler
    Right because all things being equal (the cars) he knows Vettel would beat him hands down.
  • Steven Miller
    Lewis has been through a political nightmare twice, no need to make it a hat-trick.
  • Francisca Toledo
    Hell no! Ferrari is too big for this little boy, it’s an insult for the prancing horse
  • Robin Whelan
    He would say no because Ferrari couldn't produce a car to win the championship.
  • ?????? ?????????
    Also Alonso said that in 2007 and after 3 years he drove for Ferrari...
  • Jan Ove Skutvik
    Of course he would. He knows he would not be the best anymore.....
  • Michael Webb-Hilton
    Not sure anyone would wanna be team mates to Hamilton. A PR nightmare.
  • Eli Hams
    I never understood they hard on everyone gets to drive for Ferrari.
  • Paul Smith
    Will he do what Nigel Mansell did, and go to America.....
  • Chris George
    Both couldn't handle having another driver as good as him.
  • Bobby Bass
    Hamilton doesn't deserve to wear Ferrari Rosso Corsa
  • Karl Davy
    na hamilton will retire when mercedes leave the sport in 2021
  • Scott Bingham
    don't worry Ferrari fans he said he wouldn't accept......
  • Mike Baltes
    It’s the constructor not the driver that wins races. Best car wins.
  • Libor Unzeitig
    No way!! This protection child will never be a Ferrari member!
  • David Bern
    I’m sure they’re scurrying to call...
  • Biswaranjan Rath
    Doesn't matter Alonso would beat them both
  • Russ Burgess
    Would beat vettel in a Mercedes or a Ferrari.
  • Lesley Quick
    easy to say NO when you havent been asked.
  • Robert J. Dick
    No, absolutely not.
  • João Júlio Manzi
    Yes, absolutely yes.
  • Daryl Jaye Scott
    No no no no no hell no
  • Rifais Moidu Rifais
    Ok. Imagined. Now?

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