F1 bosses did not expect to come out 'unscathed' over logo change

Sunday, 03 december 2017, 05:33

Formula One's managing director of commercial operations Sean Bratches has insisted that the sport's bosses knew there would be a lot of backlash at the decision to change the famous F1 logo, but believes that in time people will eventually warm to the new design.

The owners of F1, Liberty Media, have implemented plenty of changes since taking over operations, with many of the proposals proving controversial. One of the more polarising decisions has been to ditch the famous F1 logo in favour of a more modern design, and fans and famous figures in the sport alike have all given their opinion.

Lewis Hamilton has confessed he prefers the old logo, while the YouTube video of the new logo unveiling has received more 'dislikes' than 'likes' from fans. However, Bratches thinks that the backlash was inevitable.

"These are difficult changes - as it is any time you change a corporate mark, and particularly one around a passion brand," he said.

"The incumbent mark has been around for decades and it served the sport well. But we have not gone into this light heartedly, and we have given it a lot of thought.

"From my eye, it [the old logo] seemed to be dated, it seemed to not reflect where the sport could go. People have an opinion. And it is good people have an opinion because they care."

Liberty Media are looking to evolve the sport digitally and as well as the new logo they are implementing live-streaming, new television graphics, and new engine proposals. Bratches went on to say that F1 bosses are passionate about the new design which will take the sport forward.

"And, as the caretakers of this sport and brand, we feel very strongly about it. Ultimately we will demonstrate to the market place that this brand will survive and thrive", he continued.

"We understand in any logo change, whether it is a small modification or wholesale, people are going to have varied opinion. And that is good for the sport."

"Everybody has got an opinion in F1. I didn't think we would sneak away unscathed on that one."

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Comments (5)

  • Owain Stevens
    F1 has been the biggest & most exciting race series there is. I don’t think it’s going to survive the Liberty changes. Not the Logo, the engine restrictions, the extended race schedule, the shorter weekends, “ no Friday practice” these cars take many many hrs of set up & adjustments, some times complete rebuilding after crash etc etc. Friday is a test day. Just seems they are heading in the wrong direction to me. There have always been dominant phases for teams, that’s how it go’s in F1. The best design wins .. if that is created by a manufacturer then that’s how it is... It was individual non factory teams for many years.
  • Andy Hall
    It's their company, why would they keep the previous identity New generation, hopefully with better racing and less Ferrari and Mercedes deciding the rules Oh and get that 70 million off Ferrari for taking part too and spread it down the teams
  • Ian Miles
    The reasons for doing it are pretty sensible. The result lacks imagination.
  • Mike Sirochman
    To be expected. People pretty much don’t like change and they know it

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