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Hamilton will be 'different athlete' in 2019

Hamilton will be 'different athlete' in 2019



Hamilton will be 'different athlete' in 2019

Hamilton will be 'different athlete' in 2019

Lewis Hamilton says rule changes for the 2019 Formula 1 season will allow him to become a "different athlete". Drivers are likely to be heavier next season, as their weight will not be counted towards the overall weight of their car.

The rule change will benefit taller drivers like Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Ocon in particular, but Hamilton has previously spoken of his excitement to get rid of his "chicken legs" as he will be able to put on more muscle mass.

Hamilton has committed to a plant-based diet for almost the past year, but he says the new regulations will not prompt a change in his eating habits. It may see his work-out routine kick up a gear, however,

"I should be a different athlete next year, I'm excited about that," said Hamilton.

"I don't see my healthy eating changing, I just generally like to eat well.

"My comfortable weight is a little bit heavier than where I am, and every year all the drivers, particularly I guess the slightly taller ones, they're under more pressure to get thinner and skinnier and unhealthy.

"The rule is changing, which I think is cool. I'm excited to go and eat, increase my intake, I can be a little bit heavier next year, I can be a lot stronger.

"I still want to be quick and sharp and responsive, often if you're big and bulky, it doesn't mean that you're quicker.

"And weight up above is a higher centre of gravity, which I don't want to increase."


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