I'm NOT a simulator driver, insists Giovinazzi

Saturday, 11 august 2018, 06:51 , by Martin Macdonald

Antonio Giovinazzi insists he is not just a simulator driver and can perform at the highest level in Formula One as he attempts to make the step-up from being the Ferrari reserve driver, which he has been for the past two campaigns.

As well as being the Ferrari reserve driver, he is also the official third driver for Sauber, but his last full year of performing consistently was in GP2 in 2016.

At the Hungarian testing a couple of weeks ago, he impressed and recorded the best time on Tuesday morning, but he is adamant that he has more to offer than simply being a simulation driver.

“I’m not a simulator driver – I want to be in the car,” Giovinazzi told Autosport.

“It’s my target for next year. I want to have my opportunity and see if I’m ready. I want to show I’m here because I’m a good driver and not [just] a simulator driver.

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“I’m already a really lucky guy. I’m already third driver in Scuderia Ferrari, where for many drivers it is maybe a dream. For me, when I signed for Ferrari it was a dream come true.

“Of course to not be on the track is really hard, but I wait one year, I’m waiting now. But like I say, I want just my opportunity and show I’m here because I’m a good driver.”

Giovinazzi is looking ahead to the 2019 season to get a seat on the grid, but admits that his future will also depend on the decisions and movement of various other drivers.

“It depends on the moves of the other drivers," the Italian continued.

"[There are] a lot of rumours [about whether] many drivers will change teams or leave.  We need to wait. For sure the target is to be on the grid. I hope I can be on the grid next year.”

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