Raikkonen releasing an autobiography

Monday, 06 august 2018, 09:31 , by Matthew Scott

Kimi Raikkonen doesn't give many clues as to how he's thinking and feeling at any given time, so the news that he is releasing a book this year is sure to raise plenty of interest! Raikkonen revealed on Monday that he will tell his "story so far" in 'Tuntematon' - Finnish for 'unknown'!

It's certainly a fitting title for the enigmatic veteran who was crowned world champion in 2007!

Notoriously a tough nut to crack for interviewers, there's a tiny chance that the pages will actually just be filled with: "Bwoah, it's tough to say."

Raikkonen fans who can read Finnish and Swedish will get a first look into his life when the book is released later this month, but fans of other tongues shouldn't fear, the Iceman promises that other languages will be released.

Hopefully, we'll hear the tale of exactly what went on aboard that yacht after his retirement from the Monaco Grand Prix in 2006...


My story so far. Available in finnish and swedish 16.8.2018. Other languages soon after.

A post shared by Kimi Räikkönen (@kimimatiasraikkonen) on Aug 6, 2018 at 6:07am PDT

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Comments (25)

  • TJ Himes
    It's only going to be about 6 pages long. That's including a foreword and title page. Kimi - "I was born." "I like to race and drive." "I win when I have a good car." "I'm happy to be world champion." "Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing." "Being on podium is OK, but we could have done better." "My boy makes me happy." - and that's a wrap. Thanks Kimi for the autobiography.
  • Sunesh Ramsunder
    Mishka Juggath Now we're getting somewhere with the Iceman's inner workings
  • Manos Nikalexis
    ?? ??? ??? ?? ???-???;
  • Scott Furlong
    It’s going to be called “I was having a shit”
  • Richard Golen
    The working title: “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing!”
  • Susan Wickert
    You can find it in the short story section of your nearest bookstore
  • J.D. Steenkamp
    Its going to be the best 10 pages ever
  • Christopher Hannan
    Can I get this on audio book read by Kimi?
  • Nick Haddad
    The title of every chapter needs to be "Bwoah"
  • Tsvetomir Ivanov
    hope it has at least 5 sentences...
  • Debbie Morgan
    Man of very few words it will a short book !!!!
  • Jeff Brummer
    Colin Brummer
  • Vare de Mengo
    The king !
  • Anthonie Wijnja
    Briaan Smit Rikus le Roux.
  • Christopher Nathan
    Sean Parnham yesssss
  • Nivesh Ruchchan
    Mohammad Zoubeir
  • Dhruv Khurana
    Aditya Khurana
  • Marcel Moser
  • Rodney Lees
    Meah weeelll!!!
  • Angelo Malada
    Josip Ba?eli? Medi?

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