Schumacher in F1 would be 'special'

Monday, 06 august 2018, 04:44 , by Matthew Scott

Formula 1 chief Chase Carey says Mick Schumacher making it to Formula 1 would be "special" for the sport. The son of record-breaking seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, Mick recently won his first race in European Formula 3 at Spa-Francorchamps.

The location of Schumacher Jr's first F3 win came laced in family ties - the Belgian circuit played host to his father's first F1 race in 1991 and his maiden grand prix win a year later.

There were more family ties as the teenager echoed his father's 'Rainmaster' qualities to take the chequered flag in a wet-dry race.

Racing for Prema in F3 will ensure that F1 teams are kept abreast of Schumacher's development - the Italian team has strong ties to both Ferrari and Mercedes and has numerous graduates currently racing in F1 including Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon.

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With the likes of Lewis Hamilton highlighting the difficulty that youngsters not from wealthy backgrounds face in making it to F1, Carey wants to make the route to the top smoother, but admits that Schumacher making it would represent something entirely different.

"That would be a great story, of course," Carey told BILD. 

"Michael Schumacher still plays a unique role in Formula 1 as a world champion. He is and will remain an icon of our sport. 

"Regardless of this, we want to try to make it easier for good young drivers to make the transition to Formula 1. 

"Michael's son Mick in F1 would be special, of course. He would touch the hearts of many fans in a very unique way."

Schumacher is eighth in the F3 standings with five rounds still to go, but his Prema team are on course to retain the team title they won last year

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  • Derik Palmer
    He's won one race in F3. Whoopsidoo! And they're already talking him up for F1? I think Chase Carey and friends are revealing to the world how much they know about marketing - and how little about motor sport...
  • Nuno Leite Castro
    We had Senna's nephew, Prost's son... the two sons of champions worth of it were Hill and Rosberg...If Schumacher's son make his debut, I would be better see him cuz his good and not only by his name...
  • Rui Pedro Santos
    Of course it can happen, he has loads of money, talent, sponsors and the name, so...
  • Tim Joyce
    If he earns his position and not just given because of his name....
  • Andrew Jackman
    Only on merit !! ....not the name...oh I doesnt work like that
  • Sandy Crowe
    only if hes any good. just cause dad was good dont mean son is
  • Stephen Smart
    Would be great to see but he needs to improve yet!!
  • Stuart Williamson
    For god sake ban this man from skiing
  • Michael van Rooyen
    He will be one day
  • William Burke
    David Redmond

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