VIDEO: Robocar completes Goodwood hillclimb

Saturday, 14 july 2018, 05:05 , by Martin Macdonald

In what is probably a sign that the human race is doomed as robots and cyborgs are finally ready to take over, watch as this Robocar successfully becomes the first autonomous vehicle to complete the Goodwood hillclimb. Run for your lives, folks!

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Comments (11)

  • Martin Elliott
    I was told it was limited to 70 mph for "Safety Reason"!! Well having demonstrated it can find the middle of the road, I wonder if it will be let loose over the weekend using full power and track width. Seems like an anticlimax if not.
  • Michael Titter
    Watch the retro fitted mustang try and get around the track using GPS then watch this :).I think this car was impressive.Using AI technology to find the track is a decent effort.I would love to see what it could do unregulated.
  • Sandy Crowe
    why is it terrifying? thought it was cool take it it wasn't set to do it at speed?
  • Kevin Gordon Glamna
    10 years from now we will just be watching cars with no drivers
  • Christopher Watt
    It sounds like a scared sugar glider, nothing terrifying about it
  • Randy Pierson
    Sounds like it's running on the souls of racers past.
  • Benjamin Weber
    The sound of the future!!
  • Joey Bridges
  • David Badajoz
    Totally devoid of emotion

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