Verstappen wants Dutch invasion at Hockenheim

Saturday, 14 july 2018, 04:42 , by Martin Macdonald

Max Verstappen has spoken of his excitement at returning to Germany for the Grand Prix at Hoffenheim following its absence in the 2017 Formula One season, and is hoping that his loyal Dutch following will pile across the border to Germany to support Red Bull.

The last GP at Hockenheim took place in 2016 and although Lewis Hamilton emerged victorious, Red Bull benefited from a double podium with Verstappen and his team-mate, Daniel Ricciardo taking third and second place respectively.

Verstappen enjoys a passionate support in his fans from the Netherlands, who flock in numbers to countries which are not too far away from their own country such as France, Great Britiain, Belgium, and Germany, and he is hoping for a grandstand bathed in orange to catalyse a victory for him.

“The German Grand Prix is back on the calendar and I’m looking forward to it. I’m sure quite a few Dutch fans will also come over and visit the track to support me, " he told the Red Bull website.

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The Red Bull driver then assessed the Hockenheim track itself, and it seems as if he is already looking to scout some overtaking opportunities.

"At the last German Grand Prix we had a double podium, so that is of course a good memory," Verstappen continued.

"Hockenheim is a historic track with some interesting corners, especially in the last sector where you can try different lines, so that’s enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the whole weekend and to experience it again.

Also, I think for Germany to have a Grand Prix is very important as there are so many motorsport fans living there. So, I’m happy to go back.”

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  • Matt Dingman
    Think they’ll all crash into each other on the way? Or is that just a select few that do that?
  • Ewoud van den Hoed
    Wat ben ik blij dat we niet gaan André Riemersma
  • Ahraaz Zaidi
    Tanmay Mishra Goooooooo see Max crash!
  • Anthony Griffiths
    To see him crash in person
  • Mohamed Khaled
    To see him crash

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