'Raikkonen punished severely only because it was Hamilton'

Thuesday, 10 july 2018, 11:06 , by Martin Macdonald

Former Formula One champion Jacques Villeneuve believes that Kimi Raikkonen was only given a more severe 10-second penalty instead of the most usual five seconds because it was Lewis Hamilton he hit and it was in Britain, saying that if the incident was with Valtteri Bottas, the penalty would be less.

At the start of the Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday, Raikkonen tipped the rear of Hamilton's Mercedes which caused a spin, and a subsequent war of words between the Silver Arrows staff and Ferrari.

The Finn was subsequently given a 10-second fine by the stewards, but Villenuve reckons this is inconsistent.

“I don’t understand why it’s 10 seconds, and another time it’s five, sometimes it’s nothing,” Villeneuve told Motorsport.com.

“That’s what’s wrong. It’s racing. I don’t like it when there are racing penalties, it should be for dirty driving, which is a different thing, or stupid driving.

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“They decided that it’s Lewis, we’re in the UK, he’s fighting for the championship, that’s worth 10 seconds. If it had been Bottas, it would have been five seconds, that’s the thing.”

The Canadian driver has used an incident with Max Verstappen and Raikkonen in Austria as an example of a clash which went uncovered, and has pleaded for more consistency when dishing out fines.

“Sometimes you see things like Verstappen in Austria, when he touched Kimi,” he added.

“Why wasn’t that a penalty? Just because Kimi didn’t go off? If Kimi had gone off, then it would have been a penalty? That’s what’s wrong, it’s the action that matters, not what happens after the action, ultimately."

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Comments (42)

  • Crispin Hudd
    Seb got a five second penalty because his incident put him to the back of the field anyway hence just a 5 sec penalty. Kimi's incident hardly cost him any time at all so the stewards deemed a 10 second penalty more apt. It's that simple. If some of these fanboys could see through their biased opinions it's pretty clear.
  • Derek Timm
    Severe? how about the back of the pack or a full lap to be more like what he cost Hamilton initially. Hamilton likely wins without being punted by Kimi. F1 penalties are laughable.
  • Rick Devlin
    F1 & Lewis Hamilton are are a circus act.. What happened to real racing.. someone cries & next they hand out penalties.. Motogp by far way better & more exciting to watch...
  • Bill Chandra Colley
    Get ride of the nigga we dont need niggas in this sport only white hat wearing with holes cut out of it now this statement is as good as the statement made by f1 fan page
  • Dennis Iyo
    yes in Austria Max bumped Kimi during a turn out of position to make his pass ahead of Kimi. when the 2 merc DNF Max got the win. no penalty on Max.
  • Catherine Lane
    Vettel deserved the same punishment, but only got 5 seconds. Were they lenient on him because of who he is? Two sides to every coin.
  • Neil Reed
    No he isnt, he messed his braking up causing a lock up hitting a car in front n causing an accident that could have ended much worse
  • Edoardo Vattuone
    Lewis complained on the radio about the rear all the first part of the race just to have kimi punished. Crybaby
  • Conor Townsend
    Seriously lewis is still sucking on his mum's tit load of shit nothing better than seeing him being pushed off
  • Michael Swales
    Well there you go, if the british commentary team can't get a extra five seconds added on what's the good of them.
  • Matt Dingman
    Most definitely curious how a similar incident to vettels was doubled at Lewis’ Home race...
  • Kenneth Petrie
    He should have been given a longer stop. The penalty should put the wrong do-er behind the "victim".
  • Arup Saikia
    Versterpan shud b abolised from f1 for driving like a maniac. He sud instead b sent for demolition derby.
  • Satu Kulmala
    Kimi Räikkönen's wife participated in this conversation saying Lewis should switch to ballet
  • Buboy Balana
    They should not penalized Kimi for hitting Ham 10 seconds so Seb will win it's unfair for the Ferrari s
  • Carlos José Espínola Basualdo
    Vettel crash in to Hamilton last year and i don't see a hard punishment.
  • Stiliyan Nachev
    Off he get special treatment... Hamilton and Verstappen are always treated special way!!!
  • Carlos Santos
    They should take the 10 seconds off at the end of the race not during the race
  • Jody Harrison
    Champs get special treatment, it's part of sports in general.
  • Jonathon Francis
    Benjamin McGarvey you’re not the only one that was thinking this

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