FIA banned Trump slogan from Silverstone

Thuesday, 10 july 2018, 07:25 , by Martin Macdonald

Formula 2 driver Santino Ferrucci, who received a four-race ban and numerous fines for his performance in the F2 British Grand Prix at the weekend, has courted more controversy after it was revealed that he requested Donald Trump's presidential campaign slogan as a sponsor on his car, only for the FIA to ban the promo.

Ferrucci, backed by Haas, rammed his team-mate, Arjun Maini, on the cool-down lap at Silverstone after the pair duelled during the race. The Trident duo also collided the previous day, too, with Ferrucci once again at fault, and on both occasions he chose not to attend a mandatory steward meeting due to the incidents.

He has been banned for four races and fined €60,000.

As if this wasn't badly received enough,  has now revealed that prior to the race, Ferrucci applied to have “Trump — Make America Great Again” emblazoned on his car as a sponsorship.

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The application was made to F2 championship director, Bruno Michel, who quickly knocked back the idea on the grounds that political messages of any kind are not permitted as sponsors.

“Article 10.6.2(a) of the International Sporting Code expressly states that competitors taking part in international competitions are not allowed to affix to their automobiles advertising that is political in nature,” Michel responded.

“Given the political nature of the image you have requested to display on the car, we hereby confirm that it is prohibited under the terms of the rules.”

Ferrucci has since apologised for the incidents on the track, but is yet to comment on his support for the president of the United States.

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  • Matt George
    So this guy intentionally hits another car and gets a ban, Vettle does it in Baku, and gets a small time penalty? Wouldn't you think the penalties are harsher in the higher, more prestigious series?
  • Don Garner
    Unlike the majority of the clowns in the circus...he's been WINNING for 600 days now...........MAGA!
  • Christine Muise
    USA Politics DO NOT belong on this page and has no relevance to Formula one!!
  • Kuzey Ta?kin
    Tipini sikti?imin Türkiye seni sikecek Türkiye
  • Zak Rittenberg
    good, nobody wants politics in F1 or any sport for that matter
  • Mike Wolert
    Keep politics off this page, F1 has enough drama already...
  • Peter Simonetti
    They should just ban him on general principle.
  • Matthew John Fretwell
    Fia come on don't be t..ts
  • Ken Ballard
    As they should have.
  • Gerard Hyland
    Trumpster . Twat

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