VIDEO: F**k's sake... F**K! Verstappen's furious retirement message

Monday, 09 july 2018, 09:25 , by Matthew Scott

Max Verstappen didn't enjoy the best of times at the British Grand Prix, struggling for top-level pace all weekend along with team-mate Daniel Ricciardo before a brake failure and gearbox issue forced him to retire from the race. His radio messages from the incident offer a fascinating look into how quickly problems are solved in the cockpit, while also raising a cheer at some colourful language used. If you're easily offended, beware this is uncensored!

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Comments (12)

  • Arrold Jan Pineda
    Totally understandable, Whole week you are preparing physically and mentally to race, the day of the race everything is running at its best then suddenly spins and stuck in 1st gear, its only natural to feel frustrated and be mad.
  • Rachel Coles
    How is he a dumb dumb ....hes pissed off and who can blame him! Least he took his helmet off and spoke to press, other drivers etc lol
  • Amar Mahaan
    A brake by wire fault caused his spin.. A tech error and not his fault
  • Paul Brown
    Some manners should be taught to the drivers.
  • Vern Hellyer
    Won't play.
  • Todd Morrison
  • Venkatesh Kanki
    Maruf Ahmed
  • Christopher Coxall-Adams
    Joshua Brown
  • Chris Matthews
    Max Vercrashen!!
  • Johan Nieuwenhuis
    Ronald even gemist zondag!

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