Mercedes insinuations 'shameful' - Arrivabene

Sunday, 08 july 2018, 12:32 , by Matthew Scott

The bitter row between Mercedes and Ferrari following the British Grand Prix prompted Scuderia chief Maurizio Arrivabene to claim that Mercedes technical director, and former Ferrari employee, James Allison should be "ashamed" over insinuations that Kimi Raikkonen deliberately crashed into Lewis Hamilton.

A poor getaway saw Hamilton fall behind Sebastian Vettel and Valtteri Bottas into the clutches of Raikkonen, who made contact with the Mercedes at turn three and sent the champion into a spin.

A 10-second penalty followed for the Finn and Hamilton fought back from last on-track to finish second, but the Briton fumed after missing out on a record-breaking sixth win at his home race, hitting out at Ferrari's "tactics", with obvious connotations of conspiracy.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff quoted Allison as questioning whether Raikkonen was "deliberate or incompetent".

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When the line was put to Arrivabene, the Scuderia chief reacted furiously.

"If he really said that, he should be ashamed," he told Sky Italia.

"He worked for Ferrari for many years. You have to be elegant. We are in England, they want to teach us how to be a gentleman, but he should be the first [to learn].

"And incompetent who? Kimi? Who is he to judge what a driver does in the car? I accept anything from Jacques [Villeneuve], because he was a driver, but from that guy [Allison], no."

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  • Shane A Woodard
    It's the most wonderful time of year, folks! Whine season is open! Get your whine while it's fresh! All sorts of whine for all tastes and desires! We've got Conspiracy-whine, Crash-whine, and everyone's favorite, back by popular demand, Steward-whine. Crisp and refreshing with a hint of entitlement. Available while supplies last.
  • Raghu Kanumuri
    Firstly James Allison is a disgrace.. he runs from away from Ferrari to a championship winning team and accused Ferrari of the battery charging system, FIA gives a clean sheet to Ferrari. Now he questions the deliberateness or incompetence of a world championship driver Kimi in a racing incident. What a shame you are.
  • Jamie Paget
    Liberty Media are shameful. 40 years I have been a fan and this is my last year as a fan now, sky, the scum sucking moneybags have taken away our sport, and liberty bent over and took their money up the arse. Liberty are scum. Thanks for ruining my 40 year fandom assholes!!!!!!!!
  • Adam Freeman
    Used to be a fan of Hamilton but slowly gone off him...he's a spoilt little shit that can't take anyone else winning....and he talks so much crap! Brill drive today and he was miserable! Grow up and get a real job and show some gratitude...
  • Tom Tomarse Burnside
    Although it was kimis fault it was definitely not on purpose plus the FIA are very inconsistent Seb hits Bottas and gives him a puncture and kimi hits hamilton but he is still able to carry on with out damage oh 10 second penalty
  • Edi Drago
    If it was just LH way of thinking we can accept that and say he’s mentally a kid and needs to grow up on that department full stop .... but all the team thinking it was deliberate this is unexpected and unacceptable
  • Mike Crawford
    Hamilton got in his car expecting to win..... He forgot that all the other drivers had the same plan. There's a difference between confidence and being conceded. Hamilton needs to learn that.....
  • Shiela Belen Punzalan
    you never really hear anything from him even with all the other issues they have such as that mirrors being illegal or the kers being under scrutiny etc..but when he speaks, i believe he speaks the truth..
  • Ahmet Ara?an
    what about max contacting kimi in austria? that is how he got ahead of kimi and won. that seemed more deliberate to me. ok ok ok max fans i am just teasing and mercedes side should cut the crab.
  • Ashley Hamilton Dodson
    When Hamilton ran into Kimi when he was stationery at a red light at the end of the pit lane in Montreal 2008 was that on purpose too.? No of course not it’s racing shit happens.
  • Marianna E Gennaro Ricciardi
    la Ferrari si è solamente avvicinata alla Mercedes. È la Mercedes che sta gestendo questa situazione uno schifo ed è praticamente in confusione ad ogni variabile.
  • Dean Williams
    Says Ferrari I’m sure if the Mercedes drivers kept taking Ferrari out I’m sure you would accuse them. But they don’t because there better drivers.
  • Lewis Ferries
    I never liked the mercedes team, l love Lewis no matter what but mercedes are kinda whiney like Massa was, i do however love McLaren even if they do suck right now
  • Gary Price
    If Mercedes are to be believed, Ferrari engineered the poor start by Hamilton and Bottas passing him so Kimi could spin him. What utter bullshit.
  • Chris Matthews
    Remarks like that are truly shameful and disgraceful!! Always blaming someone else!! The truth is, Ferrari are better than Mercedes this year.
  • Michael Haskey
    I hope when Mercedes have analysed all the data, Toto will stand up and give a public apology to Kimi and Ferrari.
  • Farrukh Zaidi
    I used to respect James Allison but what an absolute idiot he is to suggest that. No loyalty these days.
  • Adnan Curtovic
    Yeah, Ferrari was planning that Lewis will have a poor start and fall behind Bottas and Vettel...GTFOH
  • Valerie R. Bowles
    Hamilton should have been faster off the start, then he wouldn't have been in the fray. What a baby.
  • Michael Robinson
    Mercedes is really making themselves look like fools.... Ferrari’s back!!

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