Hamilton snipes at Ferrari 'tactics' after Raikkonen crash

Sunday, 08 july 2018, 11:14 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton cast accusing glances at Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen after his bid for a record-breaking British Grand Prix victory was ended in a first-lap tangle with the Finn, allowing his team-mate Sebastian Vettel to take victory and extend his championship lead.

Hamilton made a poor getaway from pole, falling behind Vettel and team-mate Valtteri Bottas, but he was at the back of the field when Raikkonen clipped him at turn three, putting him in a spin.

Raikkonen was given a 10-second penalty, but still finished third, behind Hamilton, who charged back through the field to take second behind Vettel.

It means Vettel moves eight points clear in the world championship and Hamilton was happy to feed any conspiracies immediately afterwards.

"This is the greatest race of the year and the greatest crowd, I am sorry I could not bring it home for you [home fans] today," he said on the podium.

"My team did an amazing job this weekend, we got so much support. Interesting tactics I would say from their side [Ferrari], but we'll do what we can to fight them.

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"We'll take it on the chin, keep pushing hard, but believe me I will not give up."

Raikkonen did not defend his actions post-race, having dived up the inside of Hamilton, only to bang the Mercedes' rear-right wheel.

"He spun, it was my bad but that is how it goes sometimes," The Finn said. "It was not a straightforward race. It was my mistake so that was fine. That is how it goes.

"Without the mistakes and the penalty it would have been better, but I tried."

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Comments (54)

  • Aidil Putra Tjaja
    best cars, good talent and still blame other team because you lose. you're just golden boy. you said, give more competitive so F1 become popular again. then other driver at other team give you pressure. you complaint. so what you mean competitive, other driver just behind you? if you said ferrari tactic. why was France GP, kimi didn't give his position to vettel?
  • Keith Darby
    For anyone saying it was a great comeback drive from Hamilton just remember I'm sure two safety cars helped there as well so if anything it was a decent comeback with three DRS zones as well and in a superior car to the midfield.. Not to mention the team orders from Merc and of course they are going to say that Bottas ran out of tires to aid Ham....
  • Gabriel Spacca
    Yes. Yes they did. They knew he was going to stuff up his start so Raikkonen deliberately hung back behind him, waited until the corner, then deftly hit him hard enough to spin him around, but not so hard as to cause himself to spin. Hey with skills like that if I were Mercedes I’d be trying to hire Raikkonen.
  • Roberto Varriale
    Yes Raikkonen was waiting for Lewis to have a bad start so he could wait for him on turn three and perfectly position his front wheel on Lewis’ rear wheel and fisth tail him. Genius! ahh if only Raikkonen was that good he’d have 10 titles by now. What idiots.pressure getting you !!!
  • Libor Unzeitig
    Definitely Hamilton's fault.. He crashed Kimmi (Kimmi has no space after Hamilton's maneuver and it is not the first time). But he is like little baby - crying, crying.. And because he has protection from some people from F1 world, opponents are being penalised.. Fuck Hamilton..
  • Kevin Gilbert
    Yes it was a bad thing that happened to Lewis Hamilton by kimiRaikkonen but what a comeback from last to second place so you no Lewis, Hamilton is a good quality of a driver well done ... grate recovery. Lewis. ?..
  • Kevin Gilbert
    Yes it was a bad thing that happened to Lewis Hamilton by kimiRaikkonen but what a comeback from last to second place so you no Lewis, Hamilton is a good quality of a driver well done ... grate recovery. Lewis. ?..
  • Silke Price
    I should have bet money on this. AGAIN Hamilton is whining and crying again. Every time I see him on TV I am reminded of the movie Good Morning Vietnam. I have never seen a man in such dire need of a b......
  • Joey Bridges
    his whining, as well as toto's, is getting old fast. lewis got his ass kicked at the start. and the competition has caught up to them. damn spoiled brats.
  • Jose Antonio Perez
    His own start was a Ferrari tactic, Bottas was following Ferrari tactics and passed him to allow Kimi reach him. Come on Lewis stop crying!!!
  • Oliver Petho
    hes a fukin loser , whole race moaning about how is his car damaged and then he bangs lap that is 2sec quicker then anyone else
  • Robert DeCastro
    I really want to like this guy...but shit like this here is why I just can't. Classless arrogant piece of shit.
  • Aleksa Ristic
    Jesus fucking Christ someone give Hamilton a fucking pacifier so he would shut the hell up and drive...little crybaby
  • Carlos Tata Vicente
    La mafia de Ferrari mando al títere de Raikkonen chocar a Lewis Hamilton Mercedes. El moreno quedó último y llegó segundo...
  • Louis Grilo
    boo fuckin hoo, hamilton boasts when he wins and cries like a toddler when he doesn’t. his loses are always the fault of others.
  • Earl Michael Conda
    B*tthurt Hammi... As always... I think Seb has outgrown being a whiner... But Lewis is still not manning up.
  • Gary Hilliard
    Hamilton is as whiny as a little bitch. Had he not blown the start it never would have happened.
  • Richard Harrold
    Of course he did, that's what Ferrari do. If they can't win legitimately, they cheat.
  • Sue Probert
    Ferrari played dirty today I hope this isn’t how they are going to be!!!
  • Marjorie Brassart
    Take a better start next time, Lewis and stop moaning ffs

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