Brawn wants Leicester City-type winner in F1

Wednesday, 13 juny 2018, 11:30 , by Martin Macdonald

Ross Brawn has echoed the recent comments of Sebastian Vettel in leaping to the defence of the alleged recent "boring" races in Formula One such as the Canadian Grand Prix at the weekend, but did admit he hopes the sport can have an underdog story like that of Leicester City winning the Premier League from nowhere a couple of years ago.

The race in Montreal was routine for Vettel in his Ferrari as he led from pole to flag, and the lack of competition up against the German left viewers sitting through a procession of 70 laps.

Brawn does not agree with the sentiment that the race was boring, but did admit that qualifying has been more exciting than the race proper recently, whilst also suggesting, like Vettel, that the upcoming Fifa World Cup will have its boring moments.

"The championship battle is really exciting this year," the F1 boss said.

"but it's true that in Montreal, as in Monaco, qualifying was probably more exciting than the race.

"That's predictable in the streets of the Principality," he admits, "but it's not what you expect at the Notre-Dame Island circuit, which has usually provided some very exciting racing with the winner in doubt until the end.

"I reckon the best response to those who say Formula One is boring based on two races is what Vettel said in the post-race conference," he added: "'We had seven races this year, I think some were phenomenal, some were boring.

"Next week the World Cup is starting and I promise you that a lot of the games will not be exciting, but still people will watch it, but some games will be incredible. That's what we always look forward to: but it can't just always continue to go up and get better'.

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Brawn promises things will get better, but he thinks this will come from a more even playing field among the constructor teams, which could allow for an underdog story like Leicester winning the English Premier League to happen."Like Sebastian, I'm a football fan and I too have seen games between top teams end in a dull goalless draw and there will probably be some like that in the forthcoming World Cup,"

"What we must do is ensure that Formula One can provide spectacular and unpredictable racing and that has to come from a more level playing field," he says.

"Again in Canada, only the six cars from the top teams finished the race on the lead lap, with Renault's Nico Hulkenberg best of the rest, a lap down.

"That's already happened elsewhere this year and that's not good for the sport. It's true that these things happen in football too, but to stick with the comparison, in football, you do get the fairytale scenarios such as Leicester winning the 2016 English Premier League or Les Herbiers being finalists in the French Cup this year.

"The next era of Formula One must be able to deliver feats such as these. That doesn't mean lowering the standards, quite the contrary. It means ensuring that talent and ingenuity should be the major factor in deciding who wins rather than just the size of budget."

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Comments (7)

  • Gordon Assur
    And pair the lack of excitement/over-taking/ proper racing with the fact that as of next year the only way to bore yourself to tears is to pay Sky £18 a month for the pleasure.....
  • Kevin Morton
    I use to follow f1 and never miss a race or quali but it is now totally boring and not just the racing but the drivers character are stale to say the least.
  • Steven Miller
    They should experiment with reverse grids for a short fix, maybe 2 races a year picked at random, after two races in but before the last four races.
  • Randy Buster
    Montreal was a horrible race - only Vettel drove in a good manner while the rest tagged along.
  • Val Ranatu
    Underdog like Leicester City? Hold up! Didn't he already do this in 2009 with Brawn GP
  • Debbie Kelly
    Boring doesn't even cover it. F1 is now officially boring!

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