'Kimi has reached the end of the road'

Thuesday, 12 juny 2018, 10:19 , by Martin Macdonald

Former Formula One driver and current motorsport analyst Martin Brundle believes that Ferrari should be "concerned" about the 2018 performances of Kimi Raikkonen in the driver's championship, and that the Finn has "reached the end of the road" of his career at the top level.

Raikkonen is currently placed fifth in the driver rankings after having claimed three podium positions, but his team-mate Sebastian Vettel leads the pack in the top spot, and nearly has double the amount of points of recorded by the Finn despite being in the same car.

Even though Vettel leads the driver's championship, Ferrari are second in the constructor's championship behind Mercedes, and Brundle reckons Raikkonen's current troubles should leave the Scuderia concerned about his future within the team.

"Ferrari have to be concerned about Kimi," said the Sky F1 commentator.

"l know he's one of the most popular drivers around, but after another mistake in qualifying he finished nearly 30 seconds behind his team-mate on Sunday.

"What are they going to do? In my view Kimi has reached the end of the road. He still shows a flash of real speed from time to time but he can't relentlessly deliver the required race pace any more.

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"Nor is he working as an effective rear-gunner to Seb.

"Winning the Constructors' Championship is super-important to Ferrari - they don't put the list of their titles on their road car dashboards for fun - and if they want to win it in this era against Red Bull or Mercedes they need a Ricciardo or a Leclerc alongside Vettel next year.

"And Vettel needs to deal with that."

Brundle has suggested Charles Leclerc could be the man to replace Raikkonen for the 2019 season, as he thinks the young rookie has what it takes to don the famous red.

"He clearly has the head for F1, and he just looks like the complete package, even if his picture in the F1 grid graphics make him look like a startled Harry Potter," Brundle continued.

"Ferrari don't often take risks on young drivers but there's a changing of the guard going on between generations.

"The field can be divided into three groups with the likes of Fernando and Kimi at one end, Grosjean and Hulkenberg in the middle ground, and a group of young fliers coming through - and Ferrari don't want to be caught out."

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Comments (27)

  • Paul Albin
    I'm a Kimi fan, but all you have to look at is his defense (or the lack there of) in first corner in Canada against Daniel. Bottas held off Verstrapon very aggressively. I think Kimi has forgotten the meaning of that word. He's had sombre reliability issues again which have affected his driver standing, but I think it's time to see someone else in red.
  • Joey Bridges
    Here in the states we've been getting a taste of how abysmal the sky sports coverage is. So you lost me at, martin brundle. Though it's plain to see Kimi is merely role playing at Ferrari. And not doing all that great a job at it.
  • Matthew Luchici
    And yeah .. he should go somewhere were he can shine ones again .. he did not reach the end of the road ...he is second for ferrari .. that's his problem ...
  • Jamie Paget
    Like Brundle is the expert. He's a boring Journeyman who didn't amount to anything and now he's a boring dull pundit for a robbing shitty broadcasting company.
  • Mallek Mohamed Aggiag
    I'm a fan. He has clearly lost his touch. Too boring to watch. No hustling. No overtakes. Settles and doesn't take risks. What a shame!
  • Uda Octavian
    Hate to agree with this.. But yea, he's changed. Can't see his old fighting spirit in many of the last races..
  • Michael Haskey
    Sad that a talent like Kimi is forced to play the role of number 2 driver at Ferrari. No wonder he seems to lack motivation.
  • Joel Arthur
    Move along Kimi! Plenty of younger, hungry drivers in line to reinvigorate the sport
  • Sean Landriault
    I’m a fan of Kimi but watching MTL it’s hard to see him staying next year. No fight anymore.
  • Alween Lopez
    Still way better driver than Alonso... no problem of having him another season...
  • Mario Rodriguez Fernandez
    Agree, a season too late for Kimi. I think Ferrari are waiting for LeClerk
  • Martin Burns
    Thanks for the memories Kimi - great world champion - happy retirement
  • Mike DeRosa
    5th overall and he's at the end of the road? Who writes this bullshit?
  • Robert DeCastro
    Same car set up..teammate won the race..that's sums it all up.
  • Pranay Dawne
    I'm not sure if his Ferrari is identical to Vettel's
  • Luis Bragagnolo
    It is, bc he made a mistake he lost the chance for the pole position
  • Luis Miguel Pina Franco
  • Matthew Luchici
    This Martin guy is stupid. ...
  • Aroldo Zambrano Fernández
    And people complained about Massa in 2010-2013...
  • Chris Matthews
    It's way past time for Kimi to retire.

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