Red Bull warned Renault may withdraw engine offer

Monday, 11 juny 2018, 08:15 , by Matthew Scott

Renault chief Cyril Abiteboul has suggested that their offer to supply Renault with power units in the 2019 season will be withdrawn if a decision is not made before the French Grand Prix. Red Bull suggested in Canada that their announcement would be made in Austria, in three weeks' time as they deliberate between Renault and Honda.

Reports in Speedweek over the Canada weekend suggested that Red Bull will opt to enter into a works agreement with Honda for 2019 and 2020.

Daniel Ricciardo's victory in Monaco recently was Red Bull's 10th race win in the turbo hybrid era - in that time Mercedes have won 65 grands prix, and four consecutive constructors' titles.

Red Bull's dominance of F1 prior to that came with Renault power units, but the relationship has soured in recent years, with Abiteboul's latest claim yet another barb between them.

"I guess they have all the information that they need now," Abiteboul told Autosport. "I don't see why they are going to further delay the decision.

"As per the regulations, [the deadline] was May 15, and then we accepted to extend that a little bit on the back of 12 years of good collaboration.

"But past a certain point, the offer we made, and that they requested, will not stand.

"It was Montreal that they wanted to wait for: our new spec, Honda's new spec. They have all the information, I see no absolutely no reason to delay that any further.

"I have a date, they know the day, but we are not talking about Austria.

"Austria, we won't be here, and they will be talking directly to Honda.

"They wanted an offer, we've made an offer, that offer has to be accepted in the next few days."

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  • Vernon Naicker
    I find Redbull very difficult to manage as a partner. Redbull to engine suppliers is what Alonso has been to team bosses. They will soon find themselves sitting on the side lines. If they don't want the Renault units, just say it. However don't come at the last minute then, expect Renault to supply on short notice AND deliver on performance. Renault F1 department is run like any other business. Their staffing and ambitions have to match their business needs. If Redbull pull out assuming Renault wait, where then does that leave Renault? Redbull don't give a toss about any engine supplier. When they win a race or a title the winner is Red Bull Racing. When they perform badly it's the engine supplier and they bitch & moan.... That Dietrich fella looks leftover from 3rd reich...and Horner looks like he'll spit shine his balls if asked to.
  • Jeff Truscott
    RBR's delay in a decision is only posturing for benefit. Honda vs Renault power isn't even a question worth asking.
  • Callum Seagrave
    Why can't each team make their own damn engines
  • Martin Hossell
    Honda engines it is then

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