Model claims she was told to wave flag too early at Canada GP

Sunday, 10 juny 2018, 17:16

Model Winnie Harlow waved the chequered flag a lap early at the Canada Grand Prix, leading to confusion, but in her defence she was clearly only following orders at the track. It didn't stop Nico Hulkenberg trolling her, though, post race!

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  • Mike Koroleff
    ... grid girls promoted to their highest level of incompetence.... official roles should never be given to celebs without adequate supervision.... typical US style of entertainment management, what else are we going to see from the new owners in the coming races....
  • Joey Bridges
    they stuck a mic in front of her before the race. "clueless" is the first thing that came to mind. and then they put the checkered flag in this bimbos hand ?? whose bright idea was that ??
  • Jak Lawrence
    I've always thought people who actually know about and enjoy motorsport should be given the jobs at the track... not day-rate models and whoever shows up on the day from the agency.
  • Steve Boswell
    That's a job for the officials. If they want to assign it, they need to make sure the person is trained properly. She obviously wasn't. I can't blame her at all. The officials are idiots.
  • Kenneth Shaw
    Even after waving it a lap early , on the next lap she was so busy playing with her hair I’m surprised she did not drop the flag. What a joke , leave it to the officials to end the race .
  • Grant Granite Davies
    The officials told her to wave the chequered flag at that point, so you can’t blame her. Some people should actually watch the sport and take note of facts before piping up
  • Jeremy Dyer
    For those of you questioning the condition on her skin, here:
  • Paul Brown
    What’s with the facial bleaching. Is it a medical problem or another stupid fashion statement ? If it’s a fashion statement then I think it’s leached into her cranium.
  • Dallas Smith
    Just in Kim kardashian and lady Gaga to be the guest stewards for next race. Charlie has the week off. Grid penalties to be assigned according to driver hotness
  • Anthony Griffiths
    And this is why it should only be professionals waving the chequered flag. First Pelé (football LEGEND) gets it wrong and now this nobody!
  • Jovan Maksic
    For me, it is mistake by those stupid guys who gave her this flag... She doesnt know a fuck about F1, of course...
  • Kenny Mayeaux
  • Carl Mortimer
    Imagine getting one of the Kardashian’s to blow the final whistle in a football match? It’s a professional sport, act like it is.
  • Paul Geoffrey
    In her defence, how was she to know what lap they were on. She only has 10 fingers and 10 toes so how would she get to 70!!!
  • David Reeve
    Who in the F1 organisation in their right mind would think this is a good idea; and for what logical reason.
  • Valda LV
    Why are serious responsibilities entrusted to such stupid people? And seems, she feels fine!
  • Josué Godoy
    Lucas Corrêa único trabalho era balançar a bandeira quadriculada e ela fez errado hsushsushsys
  • Frankie Perez
    How is this her fault??? That’s what the steward is for. He should’ve told her when to wave the flag.
  • Mabel Herrero
    Estúpidos los hombres de la organización poner gente que no pertenece al mundo de la F1 !!!!!
  • John Jacobs
    Why was the lmpotant task of waving the chequered flag given to someone with little or no knowledge of F1?

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