Verstappen 'can win' in Monaco, says dad

Thuesday, 15 may 2018, 06:03 , by Martin Macdonald

Max Verstappen "can win" the upcoming Grand Prix in Monaco and finally get his first victory of the 2018 Formula One campaign after securing a confidence-boosting podium finish in the Spanish Grand Prix at the weekend, according to his father Jos Verstappen.

Verstappen has come in for criticism in the first portion of the 2018 season after getting himself involved in a number of on-track collisions - most recently with his own team-mate Daniel Ricciardo at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku.

There has been no shortage of negative comments being volleyed at the young Dutchman, but he put all the criticism behind him to claim a podium finish at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona on Sunday.

His father, a former F1 driver, reckons his son now has the confidence to go on and win in Monte Carlo.

"I understand that everyone likes the podium, but we want more," Jos Verstappen told Ziggo Sport.

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Jos thinks that the key to Max winning races comes down to qualifying, as if he can get in the front row he will take some stopping.

"That's the problem. Because if he's on the first row, Max can win every time. Because of these front wings it's just incredibly hard to overtake."

Many commenters have suggested that Max needs to calm down and be less aggressive on the track as that is what is holding him back, but his dad thinks his son will continue to put the foot down when he deems necessary.

"We just want to win. That's why I'm looking at Monaco." Jos continued.

"The engine is not that important - the car is important there. And in the slow corners, Red Bull is really the best."

Max is currently sixth in the F1 driver rankings behind Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen, Valtteri Bottas, Sebastian Vettel, and Lewis Hamilton.

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  • Derik Palmer
    I think the tight, twisty course at Monaco is perfect for Mr Crash-Looking-For-Somewhere-To-Happen Verstappen to do what he does best... :D
  • Társio Sagges Venâncio
    At first Max needs to finish the race. I think - and I can be wrong with that - Verstappen never finish the Monaco GP
  • Joël Uit Holland
    Is this a verstappen hate page or is it a fan page? Or you all have a bad life
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Can? ... but will not. ... It shows how blind parents could be sometimes!
  • Garry Halverson
    He'll either crash or win and more than likely crash. There's no other way for this boy racer.
  • Jeremiah I Mumbower
    #redbull #maxverstappen says he can win in #manaco!
  • Mike Megyesi
    Must be using a demolition derby car.... Oh wait, he already is.
  • Joseph Edward Geemar Kho
    Funny. He and grosjean starting the crash party impossible
  • Tony Beaumont
    His father is a bit of a sad prick isn't he ??
  • Alexander Burgess
    max is gonna put it in the wall over and over again like in 2016
  • Luis Davila
    En Mónaco todavía! Este es más chistoso que la WADA
  • Michael Ogrodnik
    Get Papa V out of the garage and let the kid drive his race.
  • Carlos Tata Vicente
    Vuelve a ganar Mercedes Lewis Hamilton
  • Jeoff Gerong
    In a bump car race? Definitely.
  • Christopher Coxall-Adams
    Joshua Brown because dad says so
  • Mervyn Keown
    No chance He is to reckless and stupid
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Can? ... but will not.
  • David Barrera
  • Chris George
    Win what???
  • Mark Pavkov
    not with that attitude !

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