Hamilton 'honoured' after breaking another Schumacher record

Monday, 14 may 2018, 06:23 , by Matthew Scott

Lewis Hamilton described the "surreal" achievement of breaking another of Michael Schumacher's Formula 1 records with his victory at the Spanish Grand Prix. Hamilton took victory from pole position in Barcelona, the 41st time he has done so in his career, eclipsing the previous benchmark of Schumacher's.

Hamilton broke Schumacher's record for pole positions in F1 last year and his Saturday success at the Circuit de Catalunya took him to 74 in total, now six more than the German great.

Schumacher's 91 grand prix victories and seven world championships are still a way off for Hamilton, on 64 and four respectively.

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Mercedes chief Toto Wolff said in pre-season that Schumacher's records had become a goal for Hamilton, who has largely surpassed the statistical achievements of his hero Ayrton Senna.

In formed of his latest record, Hamilton said: "It's still very surreal.

"It just doesn't register because I remember like it was yesterday, sitting at home, playing this computer game as Michael!

"Literally, on the Saturday and Sunday, there was this game that you could do the whole Thursday, Friday practice and then Saturday qualifying and everything like that, and I used to do the whole process through the weekend on this computer. I didn't have a steering wheel, I did it on two keys and I remember playing as Michael, so it's just very surreal to think that I'm… it just still is very, very surreal to think that every now and then I keep coming up against Michael in terms of records and it just reminds me of just what a great he was.

"It's taken a long time to be where I am today and he has some serious records and it's hard to beat a lot of these records that he had so to match it… it's always an honour when his name is brought and mine is brought up at the same time."

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  • Nikhil R Pawar
    Alonso is better driver , teammate and mature. Actually beaten MSC,had fabulous duels with him,do not take mobile phone into press briefing , do not break protocols and nice human being. Promote all you want lewis won't be as near those greats !
  • Owen Foster
    Everyone check out my review of the Spanish GP! Anyone else excited for Monaco? https://gamechangersportsnetwork.com/2018/05/14/catalunya-grand-prix/
  • Friso HiIhorst
    Oh please. Those records mean jack sh*t. Lewis is not even near the likes of Schumacher, Senna, or even Prost for that matter. It’s incomparable
  • Joshua Dreeks
    Yes. Gold for being a brat, sook, immature and that’s just the last race. And what’s with his hair. I didn’t know he was Jamaican..??
  • Marcky Cramer
    Haven't watched F1 since Schumi retired. Are the cars now faster than Schumi's Ferrari days?
  • Christian Schmidt
    BS this twat Shamilton will never be considered great like Schumacher Vettel Senna
  • Mike Megyesi
    I'm not a huge Hamilton fan, but he deserves credit.
  • Ricardo Gilperez
    Eventually it has to be/ ... Shumi is no longer active.
  • Marisol Arias
    Jamás podrá compararse con el gran Schumacher
  • Darina Ivanova
    And Fernando too!!!
  • Dennis P??u
    Stfu, he.s one of the fastest, since mclaren era
  • Stan Reedy
    Never be Schumacher
  • Rick Wilson
    Yeah - Most Boring Race Ever
  • Ed Ross
    Fuck Hamilton
  • Tony Giannotti
    Here we go again
  • Jody Harrison
    A sad day....
  • Dan Muldowney
    Tom Harris
  • Alexander Love
    Lewis will be the GOAT!
  • Pino Laurieri
  • Johnny Chan

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