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Are F1 hiding something over Verstappen-Ricciardo crash?

Are F1 hiding something over Verstappen-Ricciardo crash?



Are F1 hiding something over Verstappen-Ricciardo crash?

Are F1 hiding something over Verstappen-Ricciardo crash?

The crash between Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo was the biggest talking point after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Both Red Bull drivers were reprimanded over the incident, but F1's own website suggested Verstappen ought to have been blamed - until the entry was deleted that is...

Rule changes around defending positions were altered after Verstappen's swerving in braking zones infuriated a number of rivals, particularly Sebastian Vettel.

The FIA claimed that the 'Verstappen rule' had been abolished ahead of the 2017 season, although text remaining on F1's website suggested differently.

F1's website read: "More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted.

"If a driver has moved off the racing line while defending their position, they may move back but must ensure there is at least one car's width between their own car and the edge of the track."

This text was swiftly deleted shortly after Ricciardo and Verstappen's coming-together in Baku, however.

F1 rules change right after the crash. What’s going on?!

A post shared by GP Fans Global (@gpfansglobal) on May 2, 2018 at 2:26am PDT

Verstappen defended to the outside and inside lines as Ricciardo sought to find a way past his team-mate, ultimately ploughing into his rear end and ending their races in an instant.

It is unclear if the page had been neglected after rule changes, or if something more sinister is at play, with fans reacting quizzically when the matter was brought to light.

F1 technical chief Ross Brawn said that the incident showed that Liberty Media's decision to change regulations to aid overtaking in 2019 is right.

"I would like to highlight a technical point," he told F1's website. "Once Daniel had settled for his line, and Max had changed direction blocking that line, the Australian became a passenger.

"The downforce loss experienced by Ricciardo in the wake of Verstappen's car would have made it unstoppable.

"We often think of downforce applying in cornering, but the impact the extra grip has in braking is huge. Take away that grip in braking and what happened on Sunday was inevitable."

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