Horner: Verstappen was impatient in China, but will learn

Monday, 16 april 2018, 06:44 , by Matthew Scott

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner hopes Max Verstappen will learn from an error-strewn start to the 2018 Formula 1 season, which came to a head at the Chinese Grand Prix as he wrecked both his and Sebastian Vettel's races with an overzealous passing manoeuvre.

Verstappen was arguably in position to take the victory which team-mate Daniel Ricciardo ultimately celebrated, but botched overtakes on Lewis Hamilton and Vettel left him counting a fifth-place finish.

A spin in Australia dropped more points before his Bahrain Grand Prix was ended early after a collision with Hamilton, but Horner says Verstappen's ability remain undimmed.

"His talent is extremely obvious, his bravery and racing instinct is not in doubt," Horner said.

"He was too impatient. He will have for sure learned from that. I have no doubt of that."

Verstappen once again said he saw no reason to alter his methods but when asked if it would "sink in" over the need to make a change, Horner replied: "It will. I'm fully confident that he's a phenomenal talent and he's smart enough to recognise areas that he needs to work on and I have no doubt that he will address it. We've already discussed it."

Horner drew parallels between Verstappen and the early years of Vettel's career, in which he caught similar flak over a number of on-track incidents before becoming a four-time world champion.

"I was talking with him after the race, he put his hand up, he's apologised to Sebastian," Horner added.

"He did that immediately as they got out of the cars. Sebastian and I spoke with after the race and he appreciated Max had apologised to him.

"Yes, he's made some mistakes but I remember when we had Sebastian at a similar stage of his career, it wasn't uncommon that he also made some mistakes.

"He will have learned an awful lot from today and put that to good use in the coming races because we have a very quick car as we've demonstrated today."

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Comments (48)

  • Marjorie Brassart
    If he had the ability to learn, he would've done so already. He's been around long enough for that and his youth isn't an excuse anymore for his mistakes.
  • Nigel McLaren
    DR's pass on VB could have gone horribly wrong but he won, 2 metres either way and it could have been a different story for MV. MV brings life to the sport.
  • Dimitris V-tec
    He will learn how to race with respect only if redbull demote him to a "smaller" team in f1 but again I'm not 100% sure if he is going to change ever
  • Craig Stepanek
    Lewis last week, Seb this week...we'll see if he's up to learning from his mistakes as long as RB enables his immaturity
  • Martin Hossell
    He says he has no desire to calm down or change is style of racing. Doesn’t sound like he is learning from his mistakes
  • Alan Cat Nicholson
    Don't worry Max they were slagging Michael Schumacher of for the same mistakes 25 years ago and he became the best driver ever.
  • Daniel Perez
    Let’s just hope the learning process does not include the killing some other drivers... Mad Max 3.0
  • Susan Ong
    Wait and see. Unmature attitude n driving style from him. Stupid enough to lose points since last season.
  • Dallas Smith
    Vettel and Hamilton will be gone 5 years from now most likely. Then it's likely to be the verstappen era
  • Oscar Arias
    He would, eventually, but so far, it seems he had learned very little.
  • Jerry D
    In 2009, Martin Whitmarsh called Sebastian Vettel a "Crash Kid". The rest is history.
  • Christopher Burton
    Carry on being yourself Max. Don't let I Capi turn you into the rest of the sedate racers
  • Richard Adams
    He doesnt make mistakes it's always somebody else's fault
  • Peter Simonetti
    Great potential. But so far has shown bad judgement.
  • Christine Muise
    He needs to grow up, mature and learn to respect the sport...
  • Jose Salinas
    No. Esta convencido que solo se trata de pisar el acelerador a fondo.
  • Zach Illi
    Who cares kids been here to long to be a chump. Kyviatt his ass
  • Jose A Galguera
    He will never reach the 30s, his stupidity defies gravity.
  • Hamid Muhammad
    Will learn when someone like him crashes to him several times.
  • Derik Palmer
    Except that he may well 'learn' at the cost of somebody' life...

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