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Stroll: I've had a good season

Stroll: I've had a good season



Stroll: I've had a good season

Stroll: I've had a good season

Lance Stroll has given himself a favourable rating of a 'strong 8.5' out of 10 for his first Formula One season in which he is currently 11th place in the rankings after claiming one podium, with only the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix remaining.

The 19-year-old is two points behind his team-mate Felipe Massa, who is retiring at the end of the season, in the rankings with just one race to go. The peak moment of the campaign for him came at the Azerbaijan GP where he claimed his first podium, but apart from this there has only been some sporadic moments alongside disappointing performances and some race-ending crashes.

When asked to rate his own season so far, Stroll responded fairly positively.

“There is always room for improvement,” Stroll told Auto Motor und Sport.

“So it’s not 10. I would say a strong 8.5. Looking at the season, I have to say there have been very challenging times. Especially at the beginning.

“But we had a really good season, scoring a lot of points. A 9 would be too good though."

Stroll has not been without his critics this season, most notably his compatriot Jacques Villeneuve, who called some of his performances 'pathetic'. However, Stroll has taken the strong words against him in his stride and has insisted that he doesn't pay attention to the 'haters'.

“I don’t focus on what is said or written about me,” he added.

“I do not read the newspapers or listen to the jealousy and the haters. It’s been important to keep a cool head. I won everything until Formula 1. I have proven to myself and the world that I can win races and championships.

“This is just a new job and a new series. I have to adapt and to grow.”


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Fri 23 Oct

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