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'I went to Brazil for a bath'

'I went to Brazil for a bath'



'I went to Brazil for a bath'

'I went to Brazil for a bath'

McLaren Formula 1 reserve Lando Norris has joked that the only thing he got out of his trip to Brazil was 'a nice bath' following the cancellation of a scheduled tyre test at Interlagos due to safety concerns this week in Sao Paolo.

The European F3 champion touched down in Brazil a few days ago with the expectation that he would test out new Pirelli tyres for McLaren on the circuit following the Grand Prix, but shortly before it commenced it was decided by the FIA and various constructor teams to cancel any testing.

The 18-year-old received the news...while having a wash.

"I had just got to the hotel in Brazil and was having a nice bath," Norris told Autosport.

"I was reading the instruction manual to get used to all the buttons on the steering wheel of the McLaren, as it takes quite a bit of time to get used to.

"Then I got the call that it got cancelled - which is some ways is understandable. It wasn't the safest thing, and for everyone's safety it was a wise decision to do what they did.

"So I went back to having my bath, and then sorted out getting to here in time for free practice. I can say that I literally went to Brazil for a bath!"

The reason for the decision stems from various incidents which saw personnel targeted by armed robbers. Mercedes, Sauber, and the FIA itself saw their employees suffer from attempted attacks despite the promise of increased security from Sao Paolo's mayor, Joao Doria.

Norris did seem fairly upbeat about heading to Brazil for no reason, but did concede that his recent travelling times were starting to take their toll as he prepares for the Macau GP.

"I went Brazil to Paris, Paris to Shanghai, and Shanghai to Macau.

"And although I had a pretty good plan for the jet lag and sleeping at the right times, it is still mentally draining just doing all the travelling.

"So I got here at 4pm yesterday just in time for the briefing. But today I have struggled. I woke up early, and I've been really tired."

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